Best Background Music For Videos: How To Choose An Awesome Track

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Need to find the perfect track for your video project? no worries. We give you our top tips on how to pick the best background music for video editing.

Music brings content to life. It’s the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating your video and truly engaging your audience. The soundtrack you choose shouldn’t just accompany your content but elevate it. This helps you tell your story in an original and immersive way.

So, how can you find the perfect soundtrack or music for video editing?

Choosing the best background music for videos can be tricky, but, if you keep these questions in mind, it doesn’t have to be..

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Does The Soundtrack Match Your Narrative?

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There’s a lot of great music out there, but an amazing soundtrack doesn’t guarantee your content will achieve its purpose. Background music should add to the story you’re trying to tell. Whether you’re looking for vlog background music, music for YouTube or soundtracking a movie, if your music jars with your video, your audience can feel confused and disengaged, no matter how catchy it is.

When choosing the best background music for videos, you need to think about the story that you want to tell. Where does your soundtrack fit into that story? Imagine, for example, you’re setting a scene with wide-angle shots. Depending on your narrative you might want to build anticipation, or, you may be looking to create a sense of serenity. Choosing the wrong music for video editing can quickly take your content in the wrong direction. Always ask yourself if the music you’ve chosen contributes to your narrative. If not, you should keep looking.

For an easy way to create the perfect vibe for your video, try a royalty-free music catalogue that enables you to search for soundtracks by mood. That way, if you’re looking for something dreamy and relaxing, or mysterious and suspenseful, finding the best background music for videos or music for YouTube is easy.

Are You Evoking The Right Emotion At The Right Time?

Music touches our emotions. When you’re choosing music for video editing and working with visuals too, you can make your audience feel something powerful. Provoking an emotional response is how you connect with your audience. So what exactly is it you want them to feel?

Different tempos, keys, rhythms, and melodies speak to audiences in different ways. Say you’re looking for vlog background music — think about who your subscribers are and what they want to get out of watching your videos. Are they watching to feel inspired? Amazed? Reassured? Informed? Choosing a music catalogue that offers advanced filtering by genre, BPM & moods is the easiest way to find music for video editing that satisfies your audience’s needs. 

Does The Background Music Suit Your Style?

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Even if you have incredible shots and impeccable editing, if you rush through selecting a soundtrack, or worse, choose one that’s been overused, your content runs the risk of being unoriginal and falling flat.

Selecting music for video editing — whether it’s for vlog background music, music for YouTube, or anything else — is a vital part of the process. It reflects who you are as a creator. It also adds another dimension through which you can define your artistic vision and style.

Subscribing to a music catalogue that offers original, expertly composed music will add to the authenticity of your content and make it so much easier to find the best background music for videos. Select a catalogue that offers hundreds of genres, alongside useful tools like ‘Stems’ — which allow you to select or remove certain features of your favourite tracks (whether that’s drums, bass, instruments, or melody) to make them your own.

Can You Share Your Content Freely If You Use This Track?

If you’re planning to publish your content across different platforms, you need to make sure you’re allowed to do so. If you’re choosing music for YouTube or Vlog background music, for example, and you don’t own the rights for your track you run the risk of getting into trouble for copyright infringement. This isn’t just a lot of hassle for you as a content creator, but it can result in your content being monetized by the music owner or taken down from your platforms altogether.

It’s safe to say, once you’ve found the perfect soundtrack, the last thing you want is to run the risk of all your hard work going to waste. The easiest way to find the best background music for videos and avoid copyright claims is to subscribe to a royalty-free music catalogue. That way, you don’t have to worry about the copyrights at all and you’re free to publish your content across all your channels.

Wrapping Up – Best Background Music For Videos

To sum up, while adding music to your content often comes towards the end of the creative process, it’s important to always have in mind what you want your soundtrack to achieve.

So if you want to choose the best background music for your videos, it has to be more than just an afterthought. Making music selection a critical part of your storytelling ensures you’ll keep on crafting visual experiences that truly engage and resonate with your audience long after they’ve stopped watching.

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