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10 Best Camera Bags in 2024 [Beginner’s Guide]

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We break down the 10 best camera bags on the market by looking at size, weight, storage, features and price.

Firstly, a camera bag is an essential accessory for any modern filmmaker. Not only do they carry your essential camera gear and accessories but also your personal items when travelling. As a result, they need to be up to the challenge!

We look at a range of bags, from waterproof camera backpacks to travel and hiking camera bags to make sure there’s something for every type of filmmaker.

1. BagSmart DSLR Camera Backpack

  • Dimensions: Length 11.8″ x Width 7.5″ x Height 15.7″
  • Weight: 1.57KG
  • Capacity: 20L

The most affordable camera bag on the list is the Bag Smart. It’s both a stylish and comfortable choice for filmmakers who aren’t looking to break the bank.

Whilst not as secure or well made as other options, the Bag Smart is well padded and surprisingly spacious. It’s capable of fitting a 15-inch laptop as well as a DSLR and an additional 3-5 lenses so not a bad option if you need something quick.

Also, at under $100 – talk about value for money!

Great valueBuild quality
Tripod pocketThin padding
Clothing section 

2. PGYTECH OneMo 25L

  • Dimensions: Length 12″ x Width 9″ x Height 19″
  • Weight: 1.57KG
  • Capacity: 35L

The PGYTECH OneMo is a great piece of kit. Designed to be adaptable for photographers, filmmakers, drone operators, and other creatives.

Providing 25 litres of space, as a backpack it’s pretty impressive and when you want to travel light, you can just use the Shoulder Bag on its own. Surprisingly, the Shoulder Bag will fit most handheld cameras along with a few lenses and accessories.

Also, the expandable top section gives you 5 litres of space with so you can store additional gear. There is even a security side pocket with a zipper for your cards, passport, and other valuable items.

Detachable shoulder bagShoulder bag takes up room
Water-resistantLittle bulky
Extra 5L of space 
Soft Cushion for back 
Security side pocket

3. XVI SUNNY 16 Voyager 31L Waterproof Camera Backpack

  • Dimensions: Length 13″ x Width 9″ x Height 19″
  • Weight: 1.4KG
  • Capacity: 31L

Not only does the Voyager have a really cool name but it also has a load of great features as a camera bag. Firstly, it’s made of 1000D waterproof tarpaulin, which is quite unique and means it’s the only fully waterproof camera backpack on the list.

Secondly, the bag boasts a pretty impressive 31L capacity which is great if you want to bring that extra few lenses or even a drone.

However, what really separates the Voyager from other waterproof camera backpacks is the external USB port and cable for easy charging whilst connected to an optional power bank stored inside. 🤓

Fully waterproof camera backpackBit pricey
31 Litre capacityNot as accessible as other bags
Holds 2-3 cameras, up to 7 lenses, a tripod, and a drone  
Anti-theft back panel   
External USB charging port   
Holds 16” laptop 

4. NOMATIC McKinnon Camera Cube

  • Dimensions: Length 13″ x Width 7.2″ x Height 17″
  • Weight: 0.6 KG
  • Capacity: 21L

Designed in partnership with popular YouTuber Peter Mckinnon, this travel camera bag was built for day trips as it’s small and lightweight. In terms of looks, it’s definitely the slickest one on the list, but it’s also one of the most expensive.

You get some really thoughtful details like the bottom split section and lightweight durable material that can be folded down. These features make it a great travel camera bag but it really shines when teamed up with the Nomatic Mckinnon 35L backpack.

Also, it fits nicely inside the main bag to provide even more space and protection. 👌

Great designNomatic Mckinnon 35L sold separately
Holds 1 DSLR and 3 Lenses 
Fits 15” laptop 
Can be folded down 

5. Lowepro Photo Sport 300 AW II Travel Camera Bag

  • Dimensions: Length 10″ x Width 9″ x Height 22″
  • Weight: 1.5 KG
  • Capacity: 24L

There’s no denying that Lowepro delivers when it comes to camera bags. With the Photo Sport 300 AW II, they’ve gone a step further by making it solid, secure and a great choice as a travel camera bag.

Firstly, the custom pull-tab allows you to tighten and secure your gear for bounce-free protection. Also, the built-in all weather cover protects it from rain, snow, dust and sand.

Whilst it might not offer as much space as camera bags on the list but is definitely one of the most lightweight and durable options. Also, you’ll be happy to hear it now comes in additional sizes available – stretching all the way to 55L. 😲

Lightweight and durableNot as spacious as other bags
Waterproof camera backpackNo laptop sleeve
Holds 1 DSLR and 1-2 Lenses 
Quick top and side access 
Good for travel 
Carries a drone 

6. Manfrotto MB BeFree Advanced III

  • Dimensions: Length 12.9″ x Width 8.2″ x Height 19.2″
  • Weight: 1.28 KG
  • Capacity: 15L

Despite it being one of the smaller backpacks on the list it fits everything you need for a 1-2 day shoot. The Manfrotto MB advanced III camera backpack can carry a full frame DSLR with a 70-200mm lens attached and several extra lenses.

Also, the top compartment has plenty of space for personal items and a dedicated device pocket fits up to a 15-inch laptop and 9.7-inch tablet.

However, what makes this camera bag great is that you can store personal items in the rear section so it can be accessed without having to move other equipment.

Finally, it also has an additional tripod holder which is really handy. The tripod can be carried in two ways either secure with a strong side strap or inside the expandable tripod pocket for extra protection. 

Holds DSLR and 4 LensesNot as spacious as other bags
Side tripod holder 
Padded Velcro dividers 
Fits a 15” laptop 
Rear section for easy access

7. Vanguard Alta Sky 51D Travel Camera Bag

  • Dimensions: Length 15″ x Width 12.5″ x Height 21″
  • Weight: 2.5KG
  • Capacity: 32L

The Vanguard Alta Sky is our biggest bag on the list and a solid choice for videographers who want to carry a lot of gear with them or bigger items (like a full-sized drone).

This video camera bag has a unique design that allows you to access your gear from the top, back or sides so you can grab things quickly. It also includes an individual lower compartment where you can store all kinds of items such as clothing and accessories.

Lastly, and most importantly, the backpack features dedicated velcro dividers and front tripod straps so you can customize it however you like. There are even adjustable shoulder straps and a large water bottle side pocket which makes it an ideal hiking camera bag.

Holds 2 DSLRs with 4 LensesBit pricey
Water-resistantBulky Design
Tripod attachment straps 
Padded 15” laptop sleeve 
Drone section 
Easy access from the top, back and sides 

8. Tenba Fulton V2 14L

  • Dimensions: Length 15″ x Width 8″ x Height 17″
  • Weight: 0.8KG
  • Capacity: 14L

The Tenba Fulton V2 is one of the more interesting options on this list but definitely worth mentioning.

Firstly, it’s the perfect choice for filmmakers who want a more lightweight, stylish and discreet travel camera bag. The backpack also features a great looking (and easily accessible) roll-top compartment.

You might think 14L capacity is too small however it’s enough to carry easily while still offering plenty of room for your gear. It can even fit a DJI Mavic and other smaller compact drones.

You also have the handy addition of an adjustable sternum strap which helps add stability. This is really handy, especially during activities like running or climbing.

Secure roll-topSlightly smaller than other options
Holds DSLR and 4 LensesOnly fits a 13” laptop
Separate rear and top access 
Canvas side pockets 

9. Peak Design Everyday Waterproof Camera Backpack 20L

  • Dimensions: Length 12″ x Width 7″ x Height 18″
  • Weight: 2.06 KG
  • Capacity: 20L

This is a great everyday camera bag for filmmakers who are comfortable spending a little more.

It zips open from both sides (the entire length of the bag) for lightning-fast access to your gear. Also, the customizable flex fold dividers let you configure this bag to fit any type of camera kit.

Finally, with its 3-litre internal expansion and storable external carry straps, this camera bag can expand to hold more than you can imagine.

Did we mention it’s also completely waterproof? With a 400D nylon canvas shell and high-quality weatherproof zippers, it’s our top choice for waterproof camera backpacks.

Top flap with a magnetic latchExpensive
Fully waterproof 
Side access panels 
Fits a 15” laptop 
Holds 1 DSLR and 4 Lenses 

10. Lowepro Protactic 450 AW II

  • Dimensions: Length 14″ x Width 8.6″ x Height 20″
  • Weight: 2.84KG
  • Capacity: 14L

The Lowpro Protactic 450 AW II is the ultimate choice for filmmakers and really sets itself apart from other camera bags on the market. It’s tough, adaptable, and offers a lot of protection.

Firstly, the moulded top armour and thick padding all around the bag ensure the equipment inside is nice and protected.

Secondly, the backpack allows you to customise the main compartment with velcro dividers so you can fit all different sizes of equipment. It also has a unique design that allows you to access your gear from the top, back or sides. Nice!

Although it’s not completely waterproof like other bags on the list it offers a built-in rain cover which will withstand a pretty heavy downpour. It’s a definitely solid option and one of our favourites.

Holds 2 DSLRs and 8 lensesUninteresting Appearance
Built-in rain cover 
Thick padding 
Top, back and side access 
Velcro dividers 
Fits a 15” laptop 

Best Camera Bags – Wrapping Up

To sum up, there are many camera bags available on the market so it can sometimes be slightly overwhelming. Hopefully, this article has helped you in picking a suitable one.

The best way is to work out what your requirements are and find one that ticks most of the boxes. Look at things like capacity, size, budget and what type of filming you’re using it for (travel, corporate etc). This should help narrow it down. 😉

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