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Best Content For YouTube [Where To Find Inspiration]

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So you’re looking for inspiration for the best content for YouTube? Great news, you’re joining one of the most creative communities in the world!

Launched in 2005 YouTube is a platform with an abundance of exciting creators and millions of viewers.

Whether you’re into daily vlogging, travel filmmaking, beauty hauls, minimalism or yoga, there’s something for everyone. But how do you become a successful YouTuber?

You might be right at the start of your YouTube filmmaking journey, asking yourself, is it too late to start building a YouTube channel? The answer to this question is no.

As long as you approach finding new YouTube content the best way, then you should discover a wealth of new ideas. It can often feel overwhelming starting something from scratch but remember that building a YouTube channel is a journey rather than a destination.

We’ve put some top tips together below to help your YouTube content sing. It’s about starting, maintaining then growing, and we’re here to help…

1. Find Your Niche

funny YouTube niche video content

When we say there is a lot of content on YouTube, we mean it.

Building a YouTube channel around something you’re interested in will help you to find a community and cut through. A niche will also allow you to grow faster than someone who uploads broader YouTube content such as a daily vlog.

Uploading non-specific videos make it harder for people to find you organically as the platform is saturated.

If you were, however, to upload a specific video about plant care/dog tricks/wood carving/design tutorials etc, then it might help new people looking for that information to find you.

You can always branch out as you grow. Create something that no one has really done before or broadcast a new type of YouTube filmmaking. It’s not always possible to be original, but if you can find an angle then you’re on to a winner!

Style really is everything.

2. Get Inspired

YouTube filmmaking

If you love Casey Neistat, Peter Mckinnon, Liza Koshy, Marques Brownlee or The Sidemen and want to create content like them, take inspiration from their channels and put it into your own.

Casey Neistat (12.3M Subscribers)

Peter Mckinnon (5.25M Subscribers)

Liza Koshy (17.8M Subscribers)

Marques Brownlee (13.4M Subscribers)

The Sidemen (10.4M Subscribers)

Imitation is the best form of flattery, but know that they are successful for being THEM.

See them as a marker that you can be successful by finding your voice on the platform but start small. In the early stages of building a YouTube channel and finding the best content always seek inspiration (but don’t copy!). Maybe you want to start a comedy YouTube channel.

Shape yourself into a style that works for you. Don’t spend hours watching everyone but it’s always good to keep up with people you subscribe to.

Try dedicating an hour a week to spending time watching your favorite creators. Inspiration hits in unexpected ways, so make sure you keep up to date with the latest YouTube filmmaking trends in content!

3. Be a Storyteller

When creating the best content for YouTube, try to take your audience through a journey. Think about building your scripting skills and splitting your videos into sections.

  • At the start, hook them in with what the issue/challenge/daily vlog/event/trip is all about.
  • In the middle, show your personality, have fun with the content and ensure your YouTube filmmaking is looking great
  • At the end, wrap up what you have learnt, your takeaways or a moral. Add a call to action to subscribe, check out your other social media platforms and ask for feedback

Taking your audience through a journey in both a fun and concise way is the basic principle of YouTube filmmaking.

Don’t just hit the 8-minute mark on your video length because you want to qualify for advertising revenue. Make sure each part of each video has meaning when building YouTube content from scratch.

4. Build a Strategy

Take time to plan your uploading strategy and what is achievable for you. You might want to consider how much time you have to start building a YouTube channel. Also, think about the following.

  • What you would like to talk about?
  • What style of presenting will you do?
  • What filming locations can you use?
  • What events are coming up that you’d like to document?
  • How often would you like to publish videos?

Finally, when creating the best content for YouTube, Take some time to make sure you are prepared before launching.

5. Regulate your Uploads

Upload Video Building a YouTube channel

If you decide to start building a YouTube channel and creating good content, then make sure you have a plan (and stick to it).

You need to get into a routine with your YouTube filmmaking so you can broadcast regularly to your audience. You may want to create a content calendar for yourself.

This will help you to plan what you are filming in advance and allow you to plot upcoming events and dates. You will want to broadcast at least once a week to see any growth on your channel.

Ideally, you would be uploading more regularly than this, but you also need to be realistic with your schedule. Creating the best content for YouTube is rewarding but you also need to look after yourself, especially if you are balancing building a YouTube channel with a full-time job.

6. Upgrade your Titles and Thumbnails

Thumbnails on homepage

Once you’ve set up your channel, it’s time to make it look professional. Titles and thumbnails are what make people stop scrolling. You need to capture someone’s attention fast. In ideally 3-5 seconds you need to make sure that your title and thumbnail stand out from the crowd.

Research popular creator thumbnails to see what they have in common. Often you will find that they are full of color, clean lines, and bold text. Make sure you also adhere to the YouTube thumbnail guidelines.

When planning your title think of using language that will appeal to your target audience.

  • Do you want to be formal or informal?
  • Can you ask a question rather than a statement?
  • Can you find a title for a series rather than a one off video?

These are all things to consider when creating good content for YouTube.

7. Edit for YouTube

When editing your YouTube content, you will need to consider your audience’s attention span. Fast jump cuts, animations, sound design, b-roll, changes of scene, and memes are all part of YouTube culture.

Of course, everyone approaches YouTube filmmaking and editing differently, but in order to stand out, make sure your editing is dynamic and fun. Your audience will appreciate it!

8. Consciously Collaborate

Building YouTube content with friends

If your friends or peers upload on YouTube, that’s great; if not, collaborations will come in time.

They’re not essential to building a YouTube channel when you are in the early stages of content creation. However, if another channel shouts you out, their audience will likely flock to yours too as it’s part of the creator trust built up within the YouTube filmmaking community.

However, remember to always think wisely about who you surround yourself with virtually. Your YouTube channel is a great place to support other creators but remember to protect your own brand!

9. Share around your socials

social media hashtag

Marketing is key for a successful channel. It’s a no-brainer. Make sure you’re posting regularly not just on YouTube.

A great tip when building a YouTube channel is to create cutdown clips for other social platforms. Uploading short pieces of your content on places like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok will help spread your reach further.

10. Keep Uploading!

YouTube growth takes YEARS, so don’t be disheartened if no one is watching your content. Growth will happen, it just takes time, and you never know what’s around the corner, or who might shout you out!

Best Content For YouTube – Wrapping Up

To sum up, being a creator of a successful YouTuber is a rewarding prospect, but like anything in life creating the best content for YouTube will take time, dedication and perseverance. If you’re ready for the challenge though, the sky is your limit!

Rosie Turner
Rosie Turner
Rosie is a comedy writer, digital producer & editor. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.
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