Best Filmmaking Websites For Students

Best Filmmaking Websites To Follow in 2024

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Filmmaking websites can help you learn the basics of filmmaking from the comfort of your home. We look at some of the best websites for filmmakers, particularly for students and graduates.

So, you want to be a filmmaker? You’ve probably looked into going to film schools or making a short film. However, one of the best (and cheapest) ways to start your career is through filmmaking websites. It’s never been easier for filmmakers to learn new skills. Not to mention that online free resources are of higher quality than ever before!

Maybe you want to be the next Wes Anderson or Shane Black? All film careers start by learning the basics. So, without further ado, here are the best websites for filmmakers.

All-Round Filmmaking Websites

1. No Film School

No Film School

It’s hard not to know about No Film School, the largest and one of the oldest filmmaking websites. They upload several blog posts a day on various subjects, including film news, screenwriting and camera tech.

In addition, they have a popular podcast that uploads twice a week. Many topics are discussed, from advice for beginners to filmmaker interviews. It’s a good start for students who want to dive into a bit of everything at once.

2. StudioBinder

StudioBinder filmmaking website

If you are looking for affordable production management software, then StudioBinder is for you. As well as being the world’s leading film software company, they also have an excellent detailed blog. Here you will find guides on everything in screenwriting, producing and directing. Previous posts include how to find your next gig online, how to develop a movie script and how to use a green screen.

This is one of the best websites for filmmakers for in-depth guides on all industry topics. Furthermore, StudioBinder also has a great selection of free filmmaking templates.

3. Raindance


Well known for their film festival, Raindance also runs a popular blog posting at least once a day. Topics include directing, producing and interviews. They also have a backlog of posts from the past 10 years. Filmmaking websites rarely have so much content for you to read.

The Raindance Film Festival is one of the most important film festivals and schools in the world. They run a range of short online courses and events. So, if you are a student filmmaker, definitely check them out and see how they can help you with your career.

Screenwriting Websites

4. John August

John August screenwriting website

This is one of the best filmmaking websites for screenwriters. John August is the writer behind Hollywood screenplays such as Charlie’s Angels (2000), Big Fish (2003) and Aladdin (2019). If you want to learn about script formatting, the writing process and careers then check out John’s blog.

Likewise, his weekly podcast Script Notes explores the craft of screenwriting. Past topics include planning your script, writing for stars and framing the story. So if you are an aspiring screenwriter, then this is a resource you don’t want to go without.

5. ScreenCraft


Screen Craft helps screenwriters with events, competitions and resources. They also have a fantastic screenwriting blog with daily advice on finding work, writing and selling your scripts.

Most of all, check out their competition section. Screen Craft has monthly prizes for shorts, features, and genre scripts. The winners can gain feedback and even sell their scripts. Past winners include Matthew Lieberman (Free Guy) and Diana Ossana (Brokeback Mountain).

Cinematography Websites

6. Noam Kroll

Noam Kroll cinematography website

This is one of the best websites for filmmakers who want to work in the camera department. Noam is an LA based DOP and colourist. He actively posts new articles every week on gear reviews, tech advice and colour grading.

In addition, Noam has a weekly podcast where he interviews filmmakers. Past episodes include making a $6000 feature film in 11 days and why every filmmaker needs to build an audience. His blog also comes with colour grading LUTS downloads for post-production.

7. ProVideo Coalition

ProVideo Coaltion

If all you want is camera reviews and tech advice, then this is your blog. ProVideo posts daily production and post-production equipment reviews. All article writers are experts working within the film industry, including their weekly podcast Frame and Reference.

Many filmmaking websites offer a range of advice for students. However, you will need to focus on your job role and skills if you are to progress in your career. So if your goal is to work in the camera department, make sure you stay up to date with new tech. 👍

Editing Websites

8. Johnny Elwyn

Johnny Elwyn editing website

Johnny Elwyn is a freelance editor and writer based in London. For the past 10 years, he has been running his editor website. Here he shares advice on software, gear guides and interviews editing professionals.

Past posts include the best mouse for video editors, how to edit a feature film and how to use after effects. If you want a film editing career, check out Johnny’s blog and his expert advice on working in this industry.

9. PremiumBeat

PremiumBeat blog

The music library website also has a popular filmmaking blog. On Premium Beat, you will learn about all things post-production. Including CGI, software and techniques. It also comes with free video asset library downloads.

This is one of the best filmmaking websites for editors. They add new posts daily and also have a popular YouTube channel that has lots of free downloads for video editors.

Film News Websites

10. IndieWire


IndieWire is the place to go for reading about new film releases and what is happening in the movie business. They have covered film and entertainment news for 25 years. This includes film reviews, festivals and awards.

In addition to this, they cover video games, TV and streaming. They also write about Hollywood actor news and new film reviews. Basically, this is a great blog if you want to know what’s on in the cinema and what’s currently happening in the film industry.

11. Stephen Follows

Stephen Follows

Now for something a little different. Stephen Follow’s blog looks at film data and education. For example, the titles of his past articles include the London film festival by numbers and how many indie films make a profit. 

Stephen also covers topics such as women in film, the UK film industry and working in film. So if you are interested in film statistics or the business side of things, then check out his blog. This is arguable one of the most interesting and best websites for filmmakers.

12. Video Collective

Video Collective

We end our list with shameless self-promotion. On the Video Collective, not only do we have a film job board but also an excellent blog covering a range of topics. Every week we add new posts discussing filmmaking, gear, and careers.

What’s more, we are serious about helping you start your career, find work and make films. Check out our resource section, where you can find free production forms, advice on crew rates, and entry-level employment.

Wrapping Up – Best Filmmaking Websites

In short, filmmaking websites are a great way to learn the basics of filmmaking and stay up to date with industry news. Many filmmaking blog writers have also worked in and understand the industry. Hopefully, we have inspired you to bookmark a few from our selection above.

Amy Clarke
Amy Clarke
Amy is a content writer at the Video Collective. She is a former script supervisor and writes about careers in the film industry. Follow her on Facebook.
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