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Free plugins for Final Cut Pro X

12 Best Free plugins for Final Cut Pro in 2022

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In this article, we look at the best places to find free plugins for Final Cut Pro and give your edit a little boost!

Apple’s Final Cut Pro X comes pre-bundled with many cool features. From useful editing elements and transitions to generators and filters.

There are times, however, when you need something more creative or specific to a project. If creating transitions and graphics is beyond your skills, you’re in luck as this is where free FCPX plugins can help.

There’s an entire community of companies and individual experts producing plugins for Final Cut Pro, which offer a myriad of solutions for almost every editing instance.

In the meantime, we’ve put together a list of favourite free plugins for Final Cut Pro because everybody likes a freebie!

1. Color Finale

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When looking for free FCPX plugins, it would be difficult not to mention Color Finale 2.0. Color Finale is a new colour grading software specifically designed by colourists.

Firstly, there it has a fine-tuned colour toolset with streamlined UI for faster colour grading workflow compared to Final Cut Pro standard colour tools.

The interface is intuitive and sleek, allowing you to colour grade quickly and efficiently. Yet it also has advanced image processing and colour grading functions making it the perfect tool for amateurs and professionals alike. 

The free version of the plugin includes Curves, Color Wheels, and an awesome LUT Utility for quickly applying a built-in Lookup Table to your Log encoded footage.

2. Sign Pop

50 animated icons, from an AA battery to a rocket ship. Each icon is highly customisable, including controls over individual colours, choice of four in/out animations and finer control over wiggle and bounce. Whether you’re making infographic videos or just want to add an animated flourish at the end of your vlog, this plugin is a must have.

3. Template Pop

Range of animated titles, from simple lower thirds to a complete typography style template. Each one is as customisable as any Final Cut Pro title generator, with the addition of colour and transparency control over background animations.

Template Pop is a great addition to the built-in Final Cut Pro titles, giving you a wider range of control and numerous options. There is something for everything, from creative projects to DVD menus.

4. Panel Pop

26 customizable Final Cut Pro transitions that break your video into panels and animates to reveal the incoming clip. It’s a great free plugin for Final Cut Pro which integrates well and really saves you time.

5. Alex4D

Alex4D has a heap of free plugins for Final Cut Pro, with helpful guides to get the most out of them. There are some great tools, such as Feature Overlays, ideal for a creative filmmaker’s review process, and make overlaying production details and watermarks incredibly simple.

Most notable of the selection are Switch Channel, a fun transitional effect that simulates an analogue TV switching channels, and Trim, a cropping tool that gives you the ability to feather edges, something missing from the standard crop function.

6. 3D Title Animations

Offers exactly what the name suggests. There are five different styles of title: Fade; Rotate; Scale; Spacing and Tumble. That might not seem like a lot, but each one has up to nine variations of animation, with finer control over the font, colour, style, background, and animation speeds.

This plugin is simple and very easy to use, but the range of customisable elements means it will be a long time before you get bored of this one.

7. Editor Essentials

12 different tools within the plugin, but most notable are the White Balance, RGBA Levels and Luma Levels tools. This powerful plugin can completely replace the standard Final Cut Pro colour board and can make fixing those odd shots that much simpler.

Although this might not be a replacement for colour grading software DaVinci Resolve, it can dramatically help with pre-grading or colour balancing shots.

8. Coverflux

Template plugin for a stylish photo slideshow. While the slideshow only works with still pictures, it has a range of customisable options and includes titles alongside each image. A more experienced editor can get the most from this free FCPX plugin by building layers of slideshows to create stunning photo walls.

9. Automatic Duck Media Copy

Probably the most helpful of the free plugin for Final Cut Pro available. While this doesn’t help you with your editing, when it comes to getting organised, this plugin is your new best friend. Archiving old projects can take massive amounts of space, but it is tricky to know what you need to keep.

10. Data Pop

Another free sample pack from Stupid Raisins but is only available through FxFactory. This plugin offers a range of animated charts, graphs, and timelines. Each template has customisable colours, styles and of course, data points.

While this isn’t a replacement for building infographic elements in After Effects, it does allow even the least experienced FCP X user to create impressive data centric videos. Combined with Sign Pop, these two free FCPX plugins can create some impressive infographic animations.

11. Better 3D

Gives you better 3D positioning options than the native FCP tools and works on text elements as well as footage, images and graphics. The plugin gives the editor greater control over the X, Y, Z axis, scale and rotation, allowing for finer keyframe animation.

12. Region Tool

Allows you to add effects to specific parts of a clip. This incredibly useful free FCPX plugin will save time and money when blurring-out logos and faces from shots. Region Tool is a must have for any documentary filmmaker.

So there you have it, a wide-ranging collection of totally free plugins for Final Cut Pro to play around with. Happy editing!

If you’re looking to speed up your editing workflow even further then check out our article on how to get organised in FCPX.

Chris Suffield
Chris Suffield
Writer | Producer | Videographer | Offline Editor
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