Best GoPro Gimbals For Filmmakers

7 Best GoPro Gimbals in 2024 [Beginner’s Guide]

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In this article, we look at the best GoPro gimbals for filmmakers on a budget.

At first glance, you may not feel that your GoPro really needs a gimbal or stabilizer. Certainly, these days the latest models such as the Hero Black 7 upwards have some incredible in-house stabilisation built-in.

Indeed, action camera footage has never been so smooth. It’s a big selling point for GoPro and gives their product a competitive edge that others are struggling to get near.

However, it’s not perfect. Given the remarkable size of these action cameras, there’s only so much they can offer.

Furthermore, with ‘HyperSmooth’ turned on (this is in the in-house stabilisation option on any GoPro from the Hero Black 7 onwards), the image is cropped in order for the adjustments to be made. So, by using a GoPro stabilizer, you’ll be able to get true 4K footage that’s uncropped and stable, smooth shots that are even more impressive.

So below, we’ve made a list of the 10 best GoPro gimbals for filmmakers.

1. GoPro Karma Grip

Firstly, when it comes to the best GoPro gimbal out there, why not make use of GoPro’s very own? This GoPro stabilizer was originally produced as part of the now infamous GoPro Karma drone series. Unfortunately, the drone failed, but this grip is genuinely really good as a standalone GoPro Stabilizer.

Now, the obvious advantages of getting the Karma grip are that it’s made by GoPro, for GoPro. The build quality is fantastic, there’s a wide range of camera controls and you get a great warranty. It’s definitely a frontrunner for best GoPro gimbal!

Great build qualityExpensive
GoPro nativeDoesn’t support GoPro’s past Hero 7 Black
Extensive camera controlsPoor battery life

2. FeiyuTech G6 Gimbal

Next up is FeiyuTech’s excellent contribution with their new and improved G6. This GoPro stabilizer has everything you need – 3-axis stabilisation, exceptional battery life (up to 12 hours!), intuitive controls and lots of different modes. The fact it’s splashproof is a real winner too. Naturally, when you’re using your GoPro the likeliness is you want to get it in the water.

Also, we’ve noticed that you will pick up some motor noise on your audio, due to where things are positioned – one downside that’s pretty hard to avoid. Despite this, when you’re looking for the best GoPro gimbal, it may be hard to look past this one.

Exceptional battery lifeMotor noise is noticeable
Intuitive controlsApp functionality impacted with some cameras
Compatible with the newest GoPro’s 

3. Hohem iSteady Pro 3 GoPro Gimbal

Offering great stability and smooth motion with a number of different modes available, the Hohem iSteady Pro 3 may not be the best GoPro gimbal on the market, but it is the most affordable option. At its price point, it really over delivers.

It’s compatible with every GoPro from the Hero 4 to the Hero 8 (and potentially the Hero 9 too). Additionally, it comes with a downloadable app for your smartphone, allowing you to calibrate the gimbal, remotely control it, configure settings and keep up to date with any software patches.

In short, if you need to keep the cost down whilst still guaranteeing perfectly smooth footage, we don’t think you’ll find a better GoPro stabilizer alternative.

Competitive priceCheap build quality – not as robust compared to others
Compatible with GoPro’s across the board  Some users have experienced problems with time-lapse mode
Easy to use and set up 

4. FeiyuTech WG2X

Similarly, the FeiyuTech WG2X can also be worn anywhere you want. It’s a brilliant piece of kit and one of the best GoPro gimbal products on the market.

We like how compact it is – making it easily wearable on your head, a chest mount or wherever else you need it.

Furthermore, it’s also really versatile. The universal quarter-inch thread needle ensures you can attach it to tripods, selfie sticks, handlebars and any other kind of fitting you can imagine.

Above all else, this GoPro stabilizer particularly shines in the stabilization department. The footage is exceptionally smooth. Note – you will have to make further purchases of other accessories if you’re wearing it (for example, a chest mount).

Easy to wearOther accessories are needed if you’re going to wear it
Very versatileLimited battery
Remotely controlled 

5. Freevision Vilta-G Gimbal

The Freevision Vilta-G is another great GoPro stabilizer. It’s perhaps one of the best 2-in-1 systems out there, able to be used both with a tripod and, once easily detached from the handle, a wearable gimbal (although once detached, the battery life is pretty poor).

We’ve found the build quality to be great and the user interface on the app is very simple to use. Also, the intelligent calibration system makes life that much easier.

Wearable gimbal is compatible with GoPro mountsPoor battery life when detached from the handle
Easy to use calibrationMay need some fine tuning out of the box
Good build qualityOnly compatible up to GoPro Hero 7 range

6. Zhiyun Smooth GoPro Gimbal

Best GoPro gimbal? Technically speaking, no. However, with the Moman adapter plate (see above), it might just become your go-to GoPro stabilizer. It’s certainly one of our favourites.

As we’ve come to expect from Zhiyun, this is a fantastic product. We’re particularly impressed by the motors which are both very responsive and quiet.

Moreover, the build quality is solid, the stabilization is flawless and it’s sat at a competitive price when compared with the other stabilizers mentioned here. A great option!

Responsive, quiet motorsNot the greatest ergonomics
Great stabilizationThe control interface may be confusing
Competitive price 

7. DJI OM-3

Finally, at just £92.99, the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 may well be the best GoPro gimbal out there (providing you use that Moman plate adapter). Naturally, as is expected with any DJI product, the build quality is brilliant and it really delivers on the stabilization.

We’ve found the battery life is solid and, although there are some known issues with the Android app (some fixed with the latest software updates), overall the app is one of the best we’ve used compared with any of the gimbals here.

Best of all, it’s collapsable which makes it very portable and easy to carry around. For us, this is an all-round winner.

Small, foldable and compactKnown Android app issues
Great stabilizationTakes time to get used to
Great price 

Best GoPro Gimbals – Wrapping up

In short, there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to the best GoPro gimbal product out there.

So whichever GoPro stabilizer you do go for, rest assured we’ve given you the very best options here to date. Ultimately, you’re looking for a combination of the best stabilization, a competitive price point, good battery life and ease of use. Things such as 2-in-1 wearability are always a nice bonus too!

Most importantly, ensure that the GoPro stabilizer is compatible with your GoPro model.

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