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The Best Online Film Production Courses

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Want to explore a variety of online film production courses from the comfort of your couch?

Film education has never been easier to find. As a filmmaker, you have plenty of options to hone your skills.

Most universities and colleges offer full-time media and film production courses. If you simply search YouTube you will find many channels dedicated to filmmaking.

Full-time courses however, can be expensive and time-consuming. YouTube is a great resource but their video lessons lack organisation and detail.

This is where online film production courses come in, they offer affordable organised learning that can be completed in your own time.

In this article, you will learn about the most highly rated online film production courses.

If you prefer a full-time course we previously researched into the best filmmaking courses in the UK. For a full-time online course that delves into all aspects of filmmaking check out Lights Film School.

Lights Film School Courses


Like all filmmaking disciplines screenwriting needs hands-on practice. Although you won’t be able to learn this skill through study alone, online screenwriting courses can teach you the basics. offers many affordable short online film production courses for a one-off payment.

Notable for screenwriting check out Michael Haugh’s course Screenwriting and Storytelling Blueprint. The full course is only £17 and has had a good deal of positive feedback online.

Udemy Screenwriting Courses is an intriguing online course site where all classes are taught by leading industry professionals.

Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network, The West Wing) has a screenwriting course that teaches you how to go from idea to final draft. His course can be taken for a one-off payment of £85.

If you are interested in taking any other online film production courses on Masterclass you can take them all for a yearly payment of $180 (we now have a Masterclass discount code).

Aaron Sorkin Course


Arguably cinematography requires more practical experience than any other film job role. If you are an aspiring director of photography, online courses can teach you basic lighting and camera techniques.

Over on Udemy, you can find lighting for film and television (£25 for new Udemy students). is a popular film education platform that broadcasts lessons live, the Cinematographers Preparation class is only £11.

Both of these online film production courses have had excellent feedback from previous students.

Creative Live Online Film Classes is a monthly subscription online film production course site for £13 per month (or £84 for a year).

On there you will find hundreds of filmmaking and videography courses.

Zak Mulligan’s class Cinematography Basics stands out as one of the highest rated. In this course you will learn basic camera shots, lighting styles and importantly how to collaborate with directors on set.

Skillshare Film Production Courses


Online directing courses can teach you how to effectively work with actors and crew. If you want a complete breakdown of directing there is the online film production course directing actors created by Per Holmes.

Hollywood Camera Work Directing Actors

This is an advanced directing course aiming to get you comfortable working with actors no matter what the scene demands.

Interestingly they have recordings of directors on set, so you can learn by watching directing happen in real-time. You can get the full course for £400 or purchase individual lessons for £28.

Over on Masterclass, there is the highly regarded course Ron Howard Teaches Directing. This course breaks down film directing from finding the story to overseeing the final cut.

Ron Howard Teaches Directing

The Masterclass directing program also comes with lessons from Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, and Jodie Foster. You can get access to all of these directing classes for £170 or single courses for £85.

If its something a little lower price you are looking for Alex Ferrari’s film school online can be accessed over on Skillshare.


There is an abundance of editing classes online. This is great if you want to learn the basics of how to use editing software or video effects.

To learn adobe premiere pro check out Jordy Vanderput’s basics of editing course or colour grading with Dandan Liu on Skillshare.

If you want to learn to edit beyond the basics, Paddy Bird’s course Inside the edit focuses on the craft of editing.

Inside The Edit

This is an advanced editing course for those serious about pursuing a career in post-production.

You will learn how to choose the rights shots to edit a story dramatically rather than only learning the software.

This online film production course costs £40 per month or £400 for a year’s access.

Free Online Film Production Courses

There are many free courses available for filmmakers online. The BFI has also put together a collection of online film production courses via Future learn.

Future Learn Filmmaking Courses

Sean Tracy’s Essential Filmmaking Tool is a free pre-production course on Skillshare. Then there are websites and YouTube channels such as Filmmaker IQ  and The Film Look.

online film production courses

Simply search YouTube for videos on the particular discipline you wish to pursue, film education has never been so easy to find.

Wrapping Up – Online Film Production Courses

If you don’t have the time or money, then consider taking an online film production course. If you are a beginner filmmaker, then this could be the perfect first step.

For experienced filmmakers, a short online course can help you sharpen your skills. If you have ever taken an online course that you would recommend let us know by sharing in the comments below.

Also make sure you also checkout our own Film & TV Course section for the latest online filmmaking courses in the UK.

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