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Best production management software

6 Best Production Management Software in 2022

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In this article, we look at the best production management software and how to make things easier on yourself during filming.

When you are making a film, you want your set to be well organised and efficient. This is what film production management is all about.

Production management software lets you keep track of your paperwork in one place. It enables you to make changes, and also share them with your crew. 

Whether you are a student or an experienced filmmaker, this software can come in handy. There are lots of options with features to choose from.

Below you can find our top 10 best popular production management software.

1. Assemble

Assemble film production software

Assemble is a new production management software, with modern features. It aims to keep all of your paperwork and team in one place. Features include a calendar, task list, and film management, together with file sharing.

It’s an online program that is best for teamwork. Furthermore, it has a progress tracker for every phrase in the project from pre-post. Prices begin at $19 a month, starting with 100GB of storage.

However, you can upgrade to higher storage when you need it. You can also invite an unlimited number of users to join a project for no extra cost.

  • Starts at $19 a month
  • 100 GB Storage
  • Calendar, file sharing, task list, scheduling
  • Unlimited users

2. Celtx

Celtx production management software

At first, Celtx was only screenwriting software. However, it then expanded its features to be an all-in-one production management software. You can use it for both scheduling and budgeting. As well as storyboarding and making call sheets.

In fact, if you wanted to, you can use Celtx across the whole filmmaking process. Prices begin at $7.50 a month for the screenwriting package. Then there is the video production package which is $13.50 a month.

Like Assemble, this program is cloud-based and designed for real-time film management. The only downside is that it might be difficult for beginners.

  • Starts at $7.50 a month
  • Up to 10 projects
  • Call sheets, breakdown, budgeting, shot list, scheduling
  • One user, need to pay for more

3. Gorilla Scheduling

Gorilla software

Gorilla is an older, trusted production management software that runs on the desktop. It does not have online features.  Even so, many films still use them today. You can also use it for storyboarding, location, film management and much more.

However, it is more expensive than other options. Scheduling software begins at a one-off price of $249 and the full gorilla combo package for $429. Keep in mind these are one-off prices and not monthly subscriptions.

This film production software might be best for large companies. In particular, if you will be working on many projects throughout the year. When choosing what filmmaking software is right for you, the scale of production matters.

  • One-off price of $249
  • Runs on desktop
  • Call sheets, breakdown, storyboard, scheduling
  • One user, desktop

4. Movie Magic Production Management Software

Movie magic film software

This is likely the most famous production management software. Movie magic is well known for its budgeting, but it also has a scheduling program. This runs on a desktop and works in both online and offline modes.

For film production management, movie magic has a one-off price of $489. The budgeting software also costs $489, and you can try out the programs on a free 30-day trial.

In a similar fashion to Gorilla scheduling, this is more for larger productions. This film production software will also be getting used by major film companies. So it might be a good investment for a filmmaker, as you will need to get used to working on it.

  • One-off price of $489
  • Free 30-day trial
  • Runs on desktop
  • Breakdown, production reports, scheduling
  • One user, desktop

5. StudioBinder

StudioBinder production management software

If you are looking for modern production management software then there is StudioBinder. This cloud-based program does call sheets, schedules, script breakdown, storyboards, and shot lists. Above all, it has collaboration features for tasks, calendars and file sharing.

Studio Binder runs as a monthly and yearly subscription at several price points. That is on the low end you get three features for $29 a month. Furthermore, the medium price point will get you all of the components apart from collaboration, for $49 a month. Lastly, the studio plan has all film production management features, unlimited projects and 100 GB for $99 a month.

Compared to the other platforms, it might be a good all-round deal. However, you really need to know what you need for your individual project before investing in film production software.

  • Starting price of $29 a month
  • 50 GB storage
  • Call sheets, shot lists, storyboards, scheduling
  • One user, need to pay for more

6. Yamdu Production Management Software

Yamdu film software

Yamdu is a cloud-based production management software. It is similar to StudioBinder, it has everything you need to make your film under one roof. Features include breakdowns, schedules, call sheets and overall pre-production documents.

Firstly, you can try this film production software for free. If you’re looking to subscribe then there are three simple monthly subscriptions to choose from. Firstly is the starter package, which allows 5 users, and 1GB of storage for €12. Then there are the advanced packages for 15 users, 5GB storage for €29. Finally, there is the advanced plus unlimited users, 10 GB storage for €59.

This particular software is easy to use and beginner-friendly. When choosing software, you will need to estimate how much online storage you intend to use.

  • Starting price of €12 a month
  • 1-10 GB storage
  • Call sheets, breakdown, scheduling
  • One user, need to pay for more

Production Management Software – Wrapping Up

To sum up, production management software comes in different shapes and sizes. What one is right for you will depend on the size of your film and budget.

More importantly, you need to feel confident with the software you use. Many programs out there have free trials so it might be worth testing it out before buying.

Amy Clarke
Amy Clarke
I blog about Careers in the Film Industry. Former Script Supervisor.
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