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10 Best Video Tripods for Filmmaking in 2024 [Compared]

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In this article, we round up the best video tripods by looking at size, weight, and price. So whether you need a basic setup to steady your video camera or a full fluid head tripod to get super smooth panning shots then read on.

When you’re packing your camera bag on the way to a shoot, one of the first things that goes in is your tripod, right?

For pretty much every situation, you need a tripod. It is for filmmakers what the hammer is to the blacksmith. The stethoscope to the doctor. In other words, we all need the best tool for the job.

As a result, there are absolutely tons of options on the market. The good, the bad, and the downright terrible. We’ve seen some fall to pieces after only one use.

What to Look for in a Video Tripod?

Firstly, it’s important to consider a few quick things when choosing a video camera tripod:

  • Is the material sturdy and reliable?
  • Can it support the weight of the camera?
  • Does it meet height requirements?
  • Does it need to be compact for travel?
  • Does it have a smooth pan?
  • Do I need multisurface feet?
  • Do I need accessory ports?

It can be hard to choose which one is right for you. So, we’ve put the hard work in for you, scouring the internet to find the 10 best video tripods.

Top 10 Best Video Tripods

1. COMAN KX3636 Video Tripod

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Extended Height: 188cm
  • Tripod head: Fluid
  • Folded Height: 90cm
  • Weight: 4kg
  • Max load: 10kg

If you’re working a paying job, it’s nice to showcase pro equipment. Coman might be a mostly unknown brand, but don’t let that hold you back, it’s a diamond in the rough.

This is a fully equipped fluid head tripod that has all the features; sturdy design, bubble leveler, mid-level spreader, and a towering max height of 188cm.

One key highlight is its 3/8” extended platform. This is great because it can be used to mount a monitor, slider, jib, or crane. For instance, the KX3636 video tripod can support a slider plus a camera of up to 10kg.

Lastly, it’s built like a tank which is great but it’s a bit heavy. As a result, this might not be a tripod you’ll want to take backpacking.

✔ Nice ball joint knob✘ Not for backpacking
✔ Great panning✘ Plate tool not included
✔ Accessory Ports 

2. SmallRig AD-01 Fluid Head Tripod

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Extended Height: 185cm
  • Tripod head: Fluid
  • Folded Height: 89cm
  • Weight: 4kg
  • Max load: 8kg

This fluid head tripod comes packed with fun features, so pay close attention…

Firstly, the quick-release camera plate has a built-in magnetic wrench. How cool is that? Scramble for a coin or tool on the fly no more! In addition to this, if you’re looking to fasten Ronin S2, there’s a convenient switch directly on the plate.

Secondly, it has ports to fasten all kinds of accessories. Starting with one 3/8″-16 threaded hole on the fluid head. Next, it has three 1/4″-20 threaded holes on the bracket allowing you to add monitors, mobile phones, microphones, video lights, etc.

Thirdly, this video camera tripod can be leveled easily with its 75mm ball bowl. This is convenient for managing the horizontal line of the picture. As compared, to adjusting each leg separately. You want to avoid sudden camera tipping at all costs.

To sum up, if you want a sturdy well thought-out tripod that won’t break the bank, SmallRig AD-01 is the best video tripod for you. 

✔ Built-in magnetic wrench✘ No 2nd pan handle mount
✔ Ronin S2 plate switch built-in 
✔ Heavy max load 

3. Manfrotto Befree Live Travel Video Camera Tripod

  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Extended Height: 142cm
  • Tripod head: Fluid
  • Folded Height: 34cm
  • Weight: 1.1kg
  • Max load: 4kg

Next, Manfrotto’s Befree Live Travel Tripod.

When searching for the best video tripods, we’re willing to bet our wallet that you will come across a Manfrotto product. Probably more than one. Indeed, we could dedicate a whole article just to Manfrotto tripods.

So, as you’ve most likely gathered from its name, the Befree Live Travel Tripod is perfect for travel filmmaking. Because it’s made from carbon fiber, it’s both incredibly strong and also very light, making it perfect for travel. So if you and your film crew are on the move, this could be the one for you.

On the other hand, its payload will only go up to 4kg. Certainly, it can handle smaller video camera rigs fine but if you were looking at something bigger, you may need to look elsewhere. Bear it in mind.

✔ Low minimum height✘ Fluid head is not great
✔ Great for travel✘ Poor feet quality
✔ Light carbon fibre material 

4. Manfrotto MVH502A Professional Video Tripod

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Extended Height: 179cm
  • Tripod head: Fluid
  • Folded Height: 37cm
  • Weight: 5.9kg
  • Max load: 20kg

Next up, is funnily enough another Manfrotto product. Weighing in at 5.9kg, this video tripod is a heavy hitter. One for those who have the resources to carry a little more.

As a result, the more weight, the more it can carry. A whopping 20kg in fact.

Because it’s made from die-cast aluminum, it’s incredibly strong and robust – its ground-level spreader provides extra stability that enables you to film with just about any camera rig you want.

Also, the head has two Easy Link connectors that will enable you to connect a variety of accessories such as lights or an external monitor.

Most importantly, the fluid head allows for flawless, smooth panning shots. It’s the perfect all-in-one fluid head tripod system for any filmmaker.

✔ Heavy max load✘ Heavy
✔ Easy Link connectors 
✔ Quality brand 

5. Magnus REX VT-5000 Fluid Head Tripod

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Extended Height: 163cm
  • Tripod head: Fluid
  • Folded Height: 82cm
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Max load: 7.7kg

Ever been faced with poor shooting conditions? Now you’re in luck, The Magnus REX VT 5000 is the best video tripod for the elements.

First off, the fluid head offers very smooth movements with its adjustable tilt for drag control. The spring-loaded counterbalance also helps prevent tipping.

Next, we have to mention the oversized nonslip rubber feet. These can be removed to expose dual-angle metal spikes. Therefore, you get even more stability when shooting in the dirt or sand.

Following that, it has a mid-level locking spreader. This allows you to adjust the bottom level of the legs to maintain a stable base.

Another bonus is that the pan bar extends from 38-58cm! You can also add a second pan bar for even more stability for your shots. 

In short, you can count on the reinforced control from this reliable fluid head tripod. It was designed with advanced features to get the best shot despite poor terrain.

✔ Very durable✘ Max height is not great
✔ Double spiked feet 
✔ Panhandle extends 

6. Libec LX7M 3-Section Aluminum Video Tripod

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Extended Height: 166cm
  • Tripod head: Fluid
  • Folded Height: 81cm
  • Weight: 5.2kg
  • Max load: 7.9kg

The Libec series is the up-and-coming contender for the best video tripod. You’ll want to keep an eye out, here’s why…

First, its mid-range and ground-level spreader provide extra stability. This enables you to film with just about any camera rig you want. Also, its universal sliding plate is compatible with Manfrotto.

Weighing in at 5.2kg, this video tripod is all about precision. The head is something special. It has a unique torque system that offers perfect balance from start to finish.

Above all, its clever design and accessory ports make it the perfect all-in-one fluid head tripod system for any filmmaker.

Perfect balance✘ Fairly basic
High-grade footpads 
No backlash 

7. Velbon DV-7000N Fluid Head Tripod

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Extended Height: 162.5cm
  • Tripod head: Fluid
  • Folded Height: 57cm
  • Weight: 3.47kg
  • Max load: 6kg

Next up is a really great budget option from Velbon that’s proving popular. You can pick up this video camera tripod for under $200.

However, despite that small price tag, it’s still capable of carrying payloads of up to 6kg. In fact, everything about this video tripod makes it feel like you should be paying more.

For example, there are separate pan and tilt adjustments with a long control arm on the head. Also, it’s an aluminum build, with a quick-release platform, built-in spirit level, and thick rubber feet for grip on any surface. It really is quite impressive.

In short, it’s a real contender for the run-and-gun filmmakers who need to light fluid head tripod to set up quickly with their video camera rigs.

✔ Fast setup✘ Material feels cheap
✔ Pan head markings 
✔ Micro adjustment knobs 

8. Benro A373FBS7 Video Camera Tripod

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Extended Height: 160.5cm
  • Tripod head: Fluid
  • Folded Height: 29.5cm
  • Weight: 3.87kg
  • Max load: 7kg

Next on our list of the best video tripods is Benro’s A373FBS7.

First and foremost, with plenty of counterbalance options, this video camera tripod is worth a look for those searching for something with very precise control and balance.

We found it to be very versatile with the options of replacing the rubber feet with spikes, as well as two threads on the head allowing for extra accessories such as lights and external monitors.

That versatility continues with the fact that the video head can be removed and used on other flat surfaces such as certain sliders, jibs, half-ball adapters, and more. Also, the legs reverse-fold so it’s absolutely tiny when folded away.

✔ Low angle capable✘ No mid-level spreader
✔ Panhandle extends 
✔ Rigid material 

9. Sachtler 1001 Ace M MS Video Tripod

  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Extended Height: 169cm
  • Tripod head: Fluid
  • Folded Height: 85cm
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Max load: 4kg

Moving on, this video tripod from Sachtler is top-of-the-line with its broadcast quality performance.

With a payload of 4kg, it’s ideal for mid-size video rigs and smaller super 35mm cameras. Also, as the camera tilts, a dynamic 5-point counterbalancing system prevents the camera from tipping. This ensures security at any tilt angle.

Additionally, this tripod comes with a carry case and a pan bar that assists with smooth, and perfectly fluid pan operations. Also, it has a very handy snap-and-go sliding camera plate.

Whilst it’s not the cheapest option you’ll be grateful for the results you get over and over again.

✔ Top quality✘ The foot base could be wider
✔ 5 point counterbalance 
✔ Large camera plate release button 

10. Joby Gorilla Pod 5k Kit

  • Material: ABS Plastic, Rubber, Aluminum
  • Extended Height: 37cm
  • Tripod head: Ball joint
  • Folded Height: 85cm
  • Weight: 0.74kg
  • Max load: 5kg

Are you ready for impossible angles for your video tripod? Let’s just say, the Joby Gorilla pod stands out amongst the rest. It has versatility written all over it.

Where there’s usually no space, or you don’t have a grip, this tripod does the job. Not only can you place this on a flat surface but you can use the strong wrappable legs around a tree, light pole, or ceiling rafters.

For example, angle it down from stairs or a stage. It’s also great for 45-degree angles. It can even support a camera with a 70-200mm lens!

Also, the ball head and be rotated 360 degrees, but this is one is a fixed position head. So, you won’t be panning with this thing.

In short, it’s cheap, strong, and easy to bend the tripod into impossible positions. After one use, you’ll want it in your camera bag. 👌

✔ Very versatile✘ No panning
✔ Use anywhere 
✔ Very small size 

Best Video Tripods for Filmmaking – Wrapping Up

So, there you have it. 10 of the best video tripods for you to choose from. There are a few key factors you’ll want to consider when looking for the perfect tripod. In a nutshell, it should be affordable, sturdy, and have a reliable tilt and pan. Not too much to ask for right?

So whichever video camera tripod you go for, we hope this article has helped make your decision-making process a little easier. Now go get those buttery smooth shots!

Marcus VanWormer
Marcus VanWormer
Marcus is a freelance director, cinematographer, and video editor based in Brooklyn. He has a diverse background in film production working with companies like ABC, CBS, Jeep, Harley Davidson, and Levi's. His passion is storytelling. Follow him on Linkedin.
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