Career Guides

Considering a career in film? Here are a few quick guides on training, where to find work and tips on how to get into the industry.

Wildlife filmmaking career guide

Wildlife Filmmaking

Wildlife filmmaking is a great career for anyone interested in natural history. So, if you love animals, the outdoors, wildlife documentaries, and filmmaking then this

Finding Film & TV Work

Finding Film & TV Work

To find work in the film industry you first need to understand how the hiring process works. Unlike ordinary day jobs, the majority of film

film networking

Film Networking

Film networking… a dreaded word for many. Film networking is a huge part of building your freelance career, and you have to be ready to

Filming night shoot

Night Shoot Survival Guide

Night shoots aren’t the most convenient or comfortable working day you’ll come across, but inevitably they pop up from time to time. Some jobs may