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How To Create A Film Production Resume [FREE Template]

Having a decent film production resume can really improve your chances of finding work.

Filmmakers will find a resume particularly useful if applying to jobs online. In addition, resume’s can be forwarded to companies and placed on portfolio websites. By having a resume, you make it easier for people to hire you.  

Below you can find a free film production resume template download. Feel free to edit and personalise this template for your individual use.

Why Make a Film Production Resume?

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Some people wrongly believe that they don’t need a resume/CV to apply for film jobs. Since they hear that film work mainly comes from recommendations. While this may be true for experienced filmmakers who have a pool of industry contacts, beginners don’t have this luxury.

The easiest way for beginner filmmakers to find work is through online job applications. When you apply for a job online, you are required to attach a resume alongside a cover letter. Additionally, even if you get recommended for a job, the producer may still ask to see a resume.

Still, need proof that is worth making a film production resume?

Here is a list of reasons why they are useful for filmmakers.

  • Use it to apply for film jobs
  • You will need one to apply for full-time film jobs.
  • Send it to companies/individuals when looking for work
  • You can attach it to your own filmmaker portfolio website

In other words, a film production resume is another way to show off your skills and convince people to hire you. So, whatever your film industry job role, consider making a resume to find more work. This next section looks at how to structure your resume if you are a beginner with no previous experience.

Beginner Resumes

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If you are a student or brand new filmmaker, you will have little to no experience. But you can still make a film production resume by following the same format listed below. However, your information might be slightly different in each section.

For example, instead of work credits, you can make a section called ‘student work’ and list your student projects. Or you could create a section called ‘previous work’ and list work you have done outside of the industry.

This is perfectly acceptable if you are applying for an entry-level position. But if you are looking for more creative work, firstly you need to prove that you can do the job. You can do this by making your own films or by working on low-budgets.

Another tip is to consider how your previous work and skills can transfer over to your film job. Such as how admin work, can be transferred over to a production office position. The skills you learned in customer service can be helpful for runner/PA job roles, as they both require interpersonal skills. 

Experienced Film Production Resumes

Experienced film director

In time, you might find that you have too many work credits. If this is the case, start to remove all unnecessary work and experience. This includes day jobs, low budget work and credits that are not within your particular job role/department.

If you still have too many credits, you can create a title ‘selected credits’. Try to include only your best and most-impressive credits on your film resume.

Basic Film Production Resume Structure

  • One Page Only – Your film resume should not be longer than one page. If you have tons of experience, only include your most impressive work. On the whole, a short, focused resume is best. 
  • Job Title – The first section on your resume is your job title. This should be the job role you are applying for, not your dream position. For example, if you are applying to be a runner, your resume title should say Runner.
  • Contact Details – Include your name, phone number, work location and email address. If you have any websites or media links then include them too.
  • Personal Brief – This is a summary of what you do, your experience and what job role you want. Be clear, feel free to show personality but keep this section short, 3-5 sentences is enough.
  • Work Credits – Your work experience will take up the majority of your resume. List your film credits down the page, starting with the most relevant and impressive credits. To begin with, mention the film title, the company name and a breakdown of your role and responsibilities.
  • Education – List any relevant education or workshops. If you have notable higher education such as degrees/masters/PhDs, place these too.
  • Skills – Include any skills that are relevant to your position – such as equipment expertise, software, craft skills or interpersonal skills.

FREE Film Production Resume Template

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Wrapping Up

Your filmmaker resume is the first step to getting your name out there and applying to film work. Until the world knows your name, and you have the industry contacts, make it easier for people to hire you.

Do you have any questions on how to structure your film production resume? Let us know in the comments section below.