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Beatsuite have been a staple in the royalty free music industry since 2003. Their recently launched ‘version 3.0’ library features a super slick interface, keyboard playback shortcuts and an expansive solution to browsing music.

Music Categorisation

Their music can be browsed via mood/theme, keyword or genre. So whatever form of categorisation suits you best, you can find it that way. For example, if you’re looking for music that represents ‘days out’ they have a collection just for that. Or if you just want ‘pop rock’ you’ll find that too.


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High Quality Music

Every music track at is handpicked, signed and published by their editors. There is no artist self submission which means only high quality music is presented on their website with a very usable sound (psst we now have an exclusive Beatsuite discount code).

Inclusive Product Packs

Each music track at Beatsuite is provided with inclusive edits such as 30 and 60 second durational edits, ideal for online promo videos so you don’t have to re-cut a 3 minute music track to fit your project. As well as loops and stings, perfect for Podcast, chapter breaks and looping background music.

Predictive Search


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Their website has an intuitive search system that matches your search with existing, handpicked and curated collections of music. So instead of inputting ‘feel good’ and getting every track with that keyword in its description, their search will suggest a range of collections like ‘feel good vibes’ or ‘feel good pop rock’ etc.

Simple Licensing

The basic Beatsuite license covers a huge range of uses and pretty much everything you’d need outside of broadcast, mass production/advertising, which is then covered by an extended license.

Download Credits with our Beatsuite Discount Code

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A brand new feature only just launched is their download credits. Available in various packs, these offer a much more affordable cost-per-track option to download music. So if you need a few tracks, this will help lower the cost (make sure you use our 10% Beatsuite discount code). An annual Beatsuite subscription is also available that is tailored to your exact requirements.

YouTube Support

Beatsuite music is royalty free and copyright free which means it’s covered for YouTube/Vimeo monetisation. They also support you should a claim be made against your video and will act on your behalf to have any claims released. This is super helpful for getting things resolved quickly and not relying on YouTube’s long-winded dispute process.

They have never been the cheapest or the biggest music library however they offer high quality royalty free music, simple licensing and superb user experience. Every music track in their library has a purpose – to help you tell a story. Use our exclusive Beatsuite discount code and start saving!

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