BorrowFox discount code

BorrowFox Discount Code

10% off Camera Equipment at BorrowFox

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Yes, that’s right! Use our unique BorrowFox promo code to get 10% off your first rental.

BorrowFox is an innovative rental platform. It allows users to safely and conveniently rent high-end camera and film equipment from each other. It’s basically the Airbnb of film and camera equipment!

Film and camera equipment is expensive, whether you are buying or hiring. BorrowFox is challenging the equipment rental market by providing lower fees, more convenience, and more choice.

And safety is paramount. BorrowFox uses advanced security features, including comprehensive ID verification, to ensure each transaction is safe and secure.

The company has secured over £10m of stock through leading suppliers and private lenders. This includes high-end drones, gimbles, lighting, cine cameras, DSLRs, and a wide range of lenses!

The platform is now expanding throughout the UK and into Ireland, and expects to launch in Europe later this year. The team behind BorrowFox also created, and have secured strategic partnerships with multinational production companies and creative agencies.

Who can use our BorrowFox discount code?

Anyone can use this promo code! You could be a professional videographer on a budget, or a freelance film-maker working on a one-off project.

Is the platform easy to use?

BorrowFox is very user friendly.

Equipment owners can upload details of their equipment on the site, including photos, rental prices and other relevant info (such as a maximum rental period or discounts for longer rental etc). There’s no listing fees or annual fees, just a small percentage fee per transaction.

Borrowers then simply browse through the film and camera equipment that is available to rent and compare prices. Once they’ve made their selection, borrowers can pay the rental fee and arrange to collect the equipment. Once it has been returned, they can then submit a review on the site.

What kit can I rent?

All sorts of Film and Video Equipment is listed on the site. You can rent the following:

  • Cameras
  • Lenses
  • Tripod
  • Sliders
  • Shoulder Rigs
  • Drones
  • Audio

Is BorrowFox safe?

Yes. All equipment listed is insured, and all prospective borrowers are also verified. It’s a safe system for everyone.

BorrowFox has teamed up with Video Collective to bring you a discount you con’t want to miss.

Enter the BorrowFox discount code freelance10 when you sign up and get 10% off your first rental.

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