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Founded by Alex Torrenegra and Tania Zapata, Bunny Studio provides fast voiceovers worldwide.

The voiceover artist process can be long and complicated. You have to call, or physically go to studios, to select a voiceover artist. Or you might have to check different platforms, spending time going assessing different talents. Then, you have to negotiate the rates and turnaround times.

However what if you could simplify this process? This was how Bunny Studio was born.

What Does BunnyStudio Offer?


Bunny Studio provides high-quality, cost-effective voiceovers with a very fast turnaround.

With a pool of ​28,000 professionals covering 50 languages, you’re guaranteed to find the right voiceover for your project.

Here’s why we love them:

  • Bunny Studio looks after everything – Let them know what your project is, share the details, and an all-star team will be put together to get it done fast.
  • Quality control – All Pros have to go through a rigorous application process. Only 2% of applicants pass.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – All projects are covered by their 100% satisfaction guarantee. They will only be satisfied if you are happy with your Bunny Studio experience.
  • Your project back in a flash – No anxious delay or tedious wait: the average turnaround time to get your project is just 12 hours.
  • Revisions – Clients can request any necessary revisions to ensure the final voiceover is up to their total satisfaction. Revisions can be requested for up to 90 days after the project is approved.
  • Use your project any way you want – When you buy your project, it’s 100% yours to use however you want.
  • Customer service you can count on – Got a query, question or concern? It’s super easy to get in touch with them.

How Does it Work?

Bunny Studio promo code

Bunny Studio lets customers submit requests for work. Customers can also look through artist portfolios to find the right fit for their project.

They keep things nice and simple, offering three options to find the perfect voiceover:

1. Booking

  • Browse voiceover samples – Search the database of voice actors, check their samples, and select the one best suited for your project.
  • Submit your project brief – Send them your project information. The more detail you can provide, the better they can understand your needs.
  • Receive your ready-to-use voice over – Approve and download your ready-to-use, quality-controlled voice over or request a revision.

2. Contest

  • Submit your contest – Submit a project form to their team that includes project information and voice actor specifications.
  • Receive three auditions – Listen to three auditions and determine which voice over matches your project’s requirements.
  • Choose the winner voice actor – The voice actor selected will promptly begin crafting your voice over project.
  • Receive your ready-to-use recording – Approve and download your ready-to-use, quality-controlled voiceover or request a revision.

3. Speedy

  • Submit your speedy project – Submit a project form to share the details of your project.
  • A reliable voice actor is picked for you – After reviewing your project form, a voice actor is selected based on the information provided.
  • Receive your ready-to-use voice over – Approve and download your ready-to-use, quality-controlled voice over or request a revision.


Voiceover pricing

Bunny Studio has a fixed pricing model with discounts for high-volume projects.

A small, one-time project would averagely cost around 50 cents per word. For large, recurring projects the price can go as low as 3 cents per word.

Each voiceover artist has different rates and turnaround times, so use the above prices as a guideline.

The pricing can be affected by the following:

  • The Bunny Pro that you select, in case it is a Booking project. 
  • The word count or length of your project. You can either select your word count/duration manually to get a quote or just copy/paste your script into the box.
  • The Project type that you select (Booking, Contest or Speedy).
  • If you want sentences/paragraphs provided as separate audio files.

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