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Use our unique EditStock discount and save 15% on video editing materials.

EditStock provides professionally produced editing projects for people to practice the creative art of video editing.

Their library includes:

  • short films
  • commercials
  • documentaries
  • music videos
  • even weddings

Unlike traditional stock footage, EditStock projects contain all the raw footage shot during production.

Why Use our EditStock Discount Code?

Save money on raw stock footage that’s ready to edit!

EditStock projects are produced by independent filmmakers. Many of the projects on the site were official selections to distinguished film festivals. This includes the LA Short Film Fest, The Palm Beach Film Festival, and The Tribeca Film Festival.

They choose footage carefully. In order to be inspired to cut, an editor must sit in front of inspiring material. Editors will rise to the professional expectations that great footage demands from them.

What’s Inside an Editstock Project?

You literally get everything the original editor of the film had, and more.

EditStock projects include every camera angle that was filmed on set, synced to the production audio. They even include a script or transcript in your download, along with any music composed for the film whenever possible.

EditStock footage is un-watermarked so that you can build a professional looking editing demo reel.

Schools can use EditStock in the Classroom

EditStock offers a multi-user license to schools that want to offer these projects to their students in the classroom.

Colleges like The American Film Institute (AFI), Full Sail, Chapman University, Emerson College, and Ravensbourne (UK) use footage from EditStock to teach their students.

EditStock footage is used in the official Avid Learning Partner curriculum, and the Da Vinci Resolve training series, serving hundreds of schools around the world.

Cut, Get Feedback, Cut Some More

Editstock believes that, regardless of access to film school, everyone should have access to practice materials. And these materials should be as ambitious as their own career dreams.

But, practice materials alone do not replace a solid mentor. EditStock also offers unlimited creative feedback. Their detailed, personalized feedback comes straight from professional editors.

Professional editors know that there is no replacement for practical learning. Editors hone their creative skills through thousands of hours of cutting, getting feedback, and cutting again.

They work to make sure that aspiring editors everywhere can develop themselves into accomplished professionals. Editstock wants everyone to make their first cuts with them.

So stop waiting for your next big shot, and start creating your own career opportunities today.

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