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The FilmHERO team understands the need for high-quality stock footage, that’s at right price, royalty free and has simple licensing.

The drive behind the site? Giving production companies access to the highest quality footage that doesn’t compromise on creativity.

Subscriptions start from 29 USD/month, allowing you access to 4k footage.

Offering story-based content, users can either subscribe or buy carefully curated packs. The purpose of this? This type of content makes it far easier find multiple related shots.

Knowing Your Needs

FilmHERO are filmmakers first. With a diverse catalogue that puts users at the centre of the creative process, their mission is to make your job easier.

Using best-in-class cameras and software, the quality speaks for itself. From Phantom to RED, from Adobe Premiere to DaVinci Resolve, you can trust the quality. Everything is available in either graded or log, 100% 4K.

Know Your Options

FilmHERO has cost-effective subscription pricing options. These are:

  • A Single editor (great for YouTubers, students, freelancers and individual artists)
  • A small team (up to five editors)
  • A Global enterprise
  • Packs – This is the ultimate step-in step-out quickfire media buying option.

The prices for these are as follows:

  • Single Editor Subscription $29/month for 6 months
  • Small Team Subscription $99/month for 6 months
  • Enterprise Subscription priced to meet your needs.
  • Packs – $79

Whatever you choose, you have flexibility. Each watermarked shot can be dropped into your project before you commit.

What makes FilmHERO different?

FilmHERO understands the demands on filmmakers today, whether in-house marketers or cinematic productions.

They’ve been at the forefront of the stock footage market for a decade, as both contributors and buyers. They have insights into the marketplace that has shaped the subscription and pack offering. All this, and they don’t compromise on their product.

All footage is conceived and produced by award winning filmmakers. They understand the need to partner with buyers and stay focused on an evolving, exciting market.

FilmHERO footage has already been used by the biggest film production studios, on multiple TV productions, and across all sorts of platforms.

So what do I get with the FilmHERO discount code?

By using our promo code, you’ll save 25% on any FilmHERO purchase or subscription (this is on top of already competitive subscription rates!)

So why give them a try and start putting their footage into your projects today? You won’t look back.

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