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We’re delighted to be able to offer a pretty generous Filmstro discount code which gives you 60% off the Pro-Plus Subscription (usually $499/year) for only $189 for life!

Filmstro is so much more than just an online production music library. You can adapt professional Soundtracks to your video with the world’s first dynamic Music Library.

In addition to this, it comes with a standalone app for Mac and Windows and also includes a plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

So whatever your workflow, you can now add awesome Soundtracks – while saving time and having fun!

Why Filmstro?

There are two reasons you should check out Filmstro.

Firstly, with Filmstro you can now edit music like you edit your video. Literally, see what the music is doing and keyframe it to match your project.

Once you’ve tried it, you’ll be wondering why you were cutting your edit to a track in the first place!

Filmstro promo code

Secondly, other libraries can charge more, or stop you monetising your content after your subscription ends. However, Filmstro aren’t greedy like that and believe in true royalty free music.

  • No registering of your YouTube or other social channels when signing up.
  • No copyright strikes after your subscription ends.

All monetised revenue for you. For ever!

Exclusive music

One thing to point out straight off the bat is that some other platforms do have more music.

So if you’re looking for thousands upon thousands of tracks to choose from, then Filmstro isn’t for you.

However, the reason other libraries are able to grow so fast is that they have non-exclusive music (which is also sold in many other places on the internet) and because their music is just static WAVs.

Filmstro on the other hand are pickier and have a bespoke quality control process. This means they don’t just allow anyone to upload tracks to their platform.

In addition to this, their dynamic format makes it a little more difficult to create music (which creates a higher quality of music).

Don’t like recurring charges?

Even though Filmstro invented the subscription model for production music back in 2015, they also recognise that it’s not for everyone.

As a result, they have created a lifetime license. This still includes unlimited use of all of their music forever including all music and app updates.

Also, it won’t auto-renew and all of the projects you create with the music in that month are covered worldwide and in perpetuity. Win win! 👍

Cancel Filmstro anytime

If you do want to subscribe, you can cancel anytime, and you’ll still have access to all of Filmstro’s music until the end of your subscription. They’re just happy to have you along for the ride. No matter how long or short!


No musicians were harmed in the making of their music

The way Filmstro pay their composers is also different to any other library out there. Basically, they pay all of their composers for their tracks regardless of whether they are used or not. Whereas most royalty free music companies work on a revenue splitting basis (and only if a piece of music is used).

So when you purchase their music, it goes directly to hard-working composers and music producers all around the world. It’s how they’ve built the company so far. And it’s how they plan to continue!

So what are you waiting for? Check out their site and make sure you use our Filmstro discount code 😉

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