HookSounds Discount Code

HookSounds Discount Code

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One of HookSound’s main objectives is to offer access to the highest quality royalty-free music for all content creators.

Whether you’re a producer, a film enthusiast, YouTuber, vlogger, or simply someone who’s looking for music for a personal video – they’ve got you. They had YOU in mind from the very beginning and still do.

HookSounds is always improving with its community in mind since it is the users who grow the platform.

Exclusive Music For Exclusive Content

At HookSounds you will find tons of tracks that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Make your content even more exclusive and take your projects to the next level.

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★ HookSounds Discount code ★

All the content you’ll find is well-curated, meaning that the tracks are thoughtfully organized and well presented. All the tracks go through the meticulous process of curation to ensure that the users can easily access exactly what they are looking for.

Royalty Free Music Licensing

HookSounds provides single-track licenses and subscriptions. Three out of the four single-track licenses available are paid and there is one for free and is exclusively for personal non-monetized content. The paid single-track licenses start at $24 (make sure you use our 10% HookSounds discount code) and in case you want to upload to YouTube, you will have the sufficient rights of the corresponding license. 

The other licensing option is the subscription which allows you to choose between monthly or annual instalments. The annual subscription has the most benefits and is the most recommended option.

Find The Perfect Track With Our Discount Code

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Besides having tons of tracks and a filter for quick searches, HookSounds also has a dedicated support team that is well conversant with the entire music library. They are always on standby to assist you if you need any assistance.

If you don’t find the kind of track you’re looking for, the in-house production team can create it for you! 

★ HookSounds Discount code ★

Expect Nothing But The Best

Once you join HookSounds you can definitely take your projects to the next level. From high-quality music to the hard working team behind the scenes, the experience is definitely something that every content creator should try!

The team is always open to improvements and constantly focused on keeping the community happy!

Make sure you use our exclusive HookSounds discount code above to get 10% off all subscription and single track pricing 😉

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