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What is LANDR?

LANDR is a unique new AI audio mastering service. Essentially, your tracks get mastered by a robot. 😮

LANDR is an intelligent platform that uses big data and machine learning. They have developed smart tools for music creation, collaboration, mastering, sharing, and releasing.

Since launching in 2014, LANDR has built tools to level the playing field for musicians. This is an affordable, self-serve platform, designed to be invaluable at all stages of the music creation lifecycle.

What Do They Do?

Most importantly, LANDR’s mission is to give musicians the power to create and get heard.

They provide millions of independent artists, and labels, a central space to:

  • Create
  • Learn
  • Collaborate
  • Master
  • and Release music online

The algorithms and research took eight years to master. Landr is able to mimic what a human mastering engineer can do.

And there’s more! Other reasons why you should check them out:

  • Instant AI mastering – Sound like a pro without paying studio rates or learning complex plug-ins.
  • Artist-friendly distribution – Partner with LANDR and sell your music on Spotify, Apple Music and every streaming platform.
  • Collaboration workflows – Share your masters with friends, musicians and collaborators. Get opinions, and make your best sound a reality.
  • Promotion tools – Let your fans listen to the way they love. One promo link for all the leading streaming platforms.
  • Powerful stats – Get detailed statistics and see where you’re getting played and when you’re getting paid.
  • Free educational content – Get the ideas, tools and tips you need to grow your sound.
  • 100% Royalties – While most streaming services take a cut on your royalties, LANDR does not take anything from you.

LANDR Pricing

LANDR promo code

Prices are super flexible. There are a number of plans, depending on your production scope and needs.

You can either have a monthly, or an annual, subscription for mastering. Here’s what’s included:

LO-MP3 UnlimitedLO-MP3 UnlimitedLO-MP3 Unlimited
HI-MP3 £4.99HI-MP3 UnlimitedHI-MP3 Unlimited
WAV £8.99WAV £6.99WAV Unlimited
HD WAV £17.99HD WAV £17.99HD WAV Unlimited
Mastering featuresMastering featuresMastering features
Reference masteringReference masteringReference mastering
Mastering preferencesMastering preferences
Volume matchVolume match

Want to try it out before purchasing a plan? No problem. In addition to these paid plans, LANDR also offers a free account which includes the following perks.

  • Sound like a pro with 2 free masters
  • Download 6k+ exclusive, royalty-free samples
  • Connect with 3m+ creators to buy and sell services
  • Host video calls & stream high-quality audio for real-time collabs
  • Access your music anywhere with unlimited cloud storage

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Master Your Tracks With Our LANDR Discount Code

To sum up, we think LANDR are pretty awesome.

Their aim is to simplify the mastering process and limit any stress. You don’t need a degree in music engineering to understand what’s going on!

It’s a great option for anyone on a budget – not every filmmaker is able to afford a human sound engineer.

So stop paying studio rates and give them a try! Use our LANDR promo code link above to open up your free account.

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