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Lensbaby started in 2004 when one of their founders “joined an old Speed Graphic lens with a short vacuum hose” to shoot images otherwise impossible with a normal DSLR lens. From there the company has continued to grow and develop.

The Lensbaby lineup offers unprecedented effects ranging from the Composer Pro tilt shift lens to the Scout fisheye.

What is Lensbaby?

Firstly, if you’re unfamiliar with Lensbaby, they are predominantly known for their creative lens solutions. They build awesome speciality lenses that create selective defocus, flares and bokeh effects on DSLR cameras.

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Also, Lensbaby is known for making products that ‘bake’ the visual effect into the actual shot at the point of capture.

They have made a name for themselves crafting offbeat lens options, which create psychedelic images characterized by light blooms that blend into trippy, blurred peripheries.

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These lenses, now more commonly referred to as ‘art’ lenses, offer a different perspective for filmmakers looking for something outside of the norm.

What Products Do they Offer?

The Lensbaby collection ranges extensively from the subtle Velvet lens that simply softens the edge of the frame, to more aggressive lens distortions like the Edge that creates a tilt-shift look.


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Also they have other addons that can use optics to selectively focus, such as the Composer Pro. This connects directly to your camera, like a lens adaptor. There are two components to it, which are joined via a metal ball, that allows the second part to rotate so you can change your point of focus.

With all the different optics you can achieve a wide variety of effects. You can also isolate certain areas or the subject which opens up new creative possibilities. Here are a few of the main products they currently sell (make sure you use our Lensbaby discount code!).

  • Composer Pro – operates on a ball and socket and allows you to use selective focus on a tilted plane.
  • Spark – contains a fixed 5.6 aperture optic and uses selective focus to create a center of focus surrounded by gradually increasing blur.
  • Muse – consists of an interchangeable optic attached to a flexible tube bellows. The user both focuses and moves the area in focus by squeezing and bending the lens.
  • Scout – intended for use as a traditional fisheye lens with a very close minimum focus distance.

Drop-in Optics

In addition to all of this, Lensbaby produces 8 different interchangeable drop-in optics. Each optic has a varied effect, ranging from a sharp slice of focus, soft focus to pinhole photography.

  • Edge 80 – 80mm drop-in optic with adjustable aperture. Its aperture ranges from f/2.8-f/22 and it has a flat field of focus.
  • Sweet 35 – 35mm drop in optic with adjustable aperture. Its aperture ranges from f/2.5−f/22 with a selective spot of focus.
  • Soft Focus – 50mm drop in optic with swappable aperture disks that range from f/2 up to f/22.
  • Fisheye – 12mm drop in optic with swappable aperture disks that range from f/5.6 to f/22. This optic has a 160 degree of view and focuses from .5″ from the front of the optic to infinity.
  • Double Glass– 50mm drop-in optic with magnetic swappable aperture disks. The lens glass is a low dispersion, high refractive index, multi-coated optical glass doublet.

Finally, there is also a range of optics available for the iPhone. You can put them on your phone to get similar results.

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What Camera Mounts Does Lensbaby Fit?

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In short, pretty much most cameras. Currently, they make Lensbaby lenses to fit the following camera mounts.

  • Canon EF
  • Canon RF
  • Nikon F
  • Nikon Z
  • Sony E
  • Fuji X
  • Micro 4/3

Also, the OMNI Creative Filter system natively fits lenses with thread size 77mm for Large (and also includes step rings to fit 62, 67, 72, and 82mm filter threads) and natively fits 58mm threaded lenses (with step rings to fit 49, 52, and 55mm).

Lastly, all Lensbaby lenses and optics are manual focus. However, the OMNI Creative Filter System can be used on either your autofocus or manual focus lenses.

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To sum up, Lensbaby doesn’t mess around when it comes to spicing up your filmmaking game. 👍

They want you to break free of routine, be uncomfortable, tinker, and open yourself up to unexpected results. When you do that, you’ll change how you see everything.

So if you’re looking for something that will challenge your creative abilities, you should consider checking out Lensbaby’s lenses. Also, make sure you use our Lensbaby discount code! 😉