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First of all, you’ll be happy to hear that we now get 10% off with our unique discount. is an all-in-one set of color grading tools. So, from cinematic color grading 3D LUTs to a revolutionary online LUTs Previewer, they have got your color grading game covered.

So what do I get with my discount Code?

At the heart of’s subscription there are two products:

  • Firstly they offer commercial grade, industry standard 3D LUTs. These color grading packages offer better, faster and easier color correction, grading and creative photo looks. They offer anything from amazingly creative film-like emulations to high-end cinematic color grades (make sure you use our 10% discount code).
  • Secondly they offer a revolutionary first-of-its-kind LUTs Previewer. As a result, selecting the perfect LUT for the color grade has never been easier. No more guessing, no more tedious selections or drop-down menus. The LUTs Previewer allows you to select the perfect LUT every time. Instantly.

In addition to this, the LUTs Previewer allows you to mix and match LUTs visually to create the perfect LUT combo for your grade. It’s almost ridiculously easy creating new LUTs combination and finding just the right match to elevate your brand.

Moreover, the LUTs Previewer allows 3rd party LUTs import so you can easily preview, mix and match any and all of your LUTs. With features such as selections and compares, multiple looks export and support for even Raw images, the LUTs Previewer is a must-have tool for anyone serious about their color (psst we now have an exclusive discount code).

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Not just any old plugin.

Finally, while post production is arguably the most important part of your color workflow, can help with other stages as well. Several monitoring flavours of LUTs are offered including Arri’s .aml and Panasonic’s .vlt LUTs and monitoring LUTs for RED’s IPP2 workflow which is fully supported at all stages of the creative pipeline.

Lastly, offers all of its LUTs in .xmp and .icc profiles integrations for Lightroom and Capture One respectively and a one-click installation for ON1 Photo RAW making it an indispensable tool for the professional photographer.

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