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StudioBinder Discount Code

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Get 25% off StudioBinder subscriptions with our unique promo code. StudioBinder is a new way for filmmakers, production companies, and agencies to streamline their production management workflow for the 21st century. They offer web-based filmmaking software with a suite of integrated products—from managing talent and crew details, creating shooting schedules, archiving documents & media in the cloud, to creating, sending, and tracking mobile-friendly call sheets.

What do I get with my StudioBinder promo code?

Production management and scheduling can easily become a nightmare to deal with. Call sheets, which are designed to get everyone in the cast and crew on the same page and make sure each and everyone knows when and where they’re expected for the particular shoot date. However often times emails will bounce back or a crew member won’t be able to open the attached films.

Besides offering the basic scheduling features free (there is a premium version as well), StudioBinder provides an easy-to-use platform that pars production scheduling down to its most basic elements. It doesn’t attempt to be an all-in-one tool that handles every single aspect of production management. Instead, StudioBinder focuses on good scheduling and call sheets, and it also stores cast and crew information (dietary restrictions, actor measurements for the costume department, payment preferences) in one convenient cloud-based location.

How does it work?

To get started in StudioBinder, you need to invite a team and build up a digital roster with the profiles of everyone involved in your project. The individual profiles allow the participants to provide you with all the info you need about/from them. Profiles also make things easier if you often work with the same people. Instead of gathering details every time, you’ll always have info you need on hand. Sending out call sheets via email can be like waiting for a dead man to reply back, you just never know if they received it or opened it. With StudioBinder, recipients confirm their call times with a click of a button so you can sidestep the uncertainty.

Here are just a few more features of StudioBinder:

  • Create a contacts list
  • Create projects
  • Add your cast and crew to projects
  • Set up and send call sheets, which are delivered via email, highlighting the relevant information contained within. Recipients can then confirm that they have read and understood the information provided
  • Map integration, hospital locator, and weather reports
  • Arrange cast and crew parking
  • Upload and share production documents securely
  • Integrated Shot list Software
StudioBinder promo code

Are call sheets a thing of the past? Well, no. However, StudioBinder is a platform that is looking to modernize and improve production schedules for filmmakers at all levels. It’s certainly a useful tool for smaller productions that are working on a tight schedule, with a limited budget, and a cast and crew made up entirely of freelancers and acquaintances.

In Summary

The interface is very intuitive and, unlike some other web applications out there, you won’t find yourself pulling your hair out as you watch hours of mindless tutorials and read through loads of documentation to find out how to do that “one task that should be easy”. Save yourself some time and incorporate StudioBinder into your workflow. Also make sure you use our promo code to get yourself a discount!