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Imagine your craziest day at work. You’re swamped with production emails, your to-do list is a mile long, and you have no idea where to start. Just getting things done feels like a struggle.

Well, that’s not a problem as Teamwork can help. They build software that frees teams to manage their work so they can focus on the productive and brilliant.

What is Teamwork?

Firstly, Teamwork is project management software that helps in-house video production companies improve collaboration, visibility, accountability and ultimately results.

Use Teamwork to manage everything from delivering video projects to short films, to script planning and pre-production.

Furthermore, with all the features it takes care of the details so you can allocate your time elsewhere.

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So, here are a few features that make Teamwork Projects stand out from other project management software apps.

  • Unlimited Companies and Users – Online project management tools limit the number of active users allowed in their plan pricing.
  • Risk Register – A unique feature of Teamwork Projects. The Risk Register is where you can post potential problems for the project. For each potential problem, you can assign it a priority. Helps team members and clients watch out for potential issues that can derail a project.
  • Email Integration – Get alerts and notifications via email. That’s a standard feature. What’s great is that you can reply to the message emails, and have your comment automatically appended to the message board for the project.
  • Tasklist Templates – If you have a standard checklist of tasks for every new client, you’ll appreciate the ability to save task lists templates.
  • Customer Service – Exceptional customer service means talking and listening to your customers, and Teamwork passes that test with flying colours.
  • Time Tracking – You can log time spent doing tasks. Logged work can be marked as billable, which makes invoicing clients easier.
  • File Sharing – Files can be uploaded and shared within projects. Storage space for uploaded files is limited based on the plan you choose.
  • Notes – Notes are documents any team member can edit. Good for tracking projects specs, login information, or other reference material for the team.
  • Messages – Projects have a message board so team members and clients can talk to each other. Messages can be emailed out to team members, and their email replies will be automatically added to the message board.

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Lastly, Teamwork has a super simple pricing model. There are four main account types: Free Forever, Pro, Premium, and Enterprise. Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s included in each plan.

  • Free Forever – This doesn’t cost you a cent. At this level, you get a maximum of 5 users, 100MB of file space, a limit of two active projects, a limited number of boards, and the ability to use subtasks and colour themes.
  • Pro ($9 per user, per month). This tier requires a minimum of 5 users and gives the team 100GB of file space, a limit of 300 projects and 50 users, board views, subtasks, colour themes, instant file editing, webhooks, and third-party integration with Google Drive,, OneDrive Personal, Dropbox, Slack, and Microsoft Office.
  • Premium ($15 per user, per month). This tier increases file space to 250GB, and you get a limit of 600 projects and up to 100 users. You also get everything that’s in Pro, plus the project portfolio overview feature, two-factor authentication, custom domain usage with SSL, and additional integrations including Microsoft Office, HubSpot, OneDrive Business, Sharepoint, Microsoft Connectors, and Microsoft Project.
  • Enterprise, which doesn’t have public pricing. It offers more than 500GB of file space, unlimited projects, more than 100 users, and everything that’s in Premium. It also adds single sign-on, increased security, and a dedicated customer service representative.

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To sum up, Teamwork is a great project management software for the busy producer on the go. It includes all the tools you’ll need to track the development of a project.

In addition to this it takes little-to-no time to master and the features are clean, simple, and self-explanatory.

So what are you waiting for? use our Teamwork discount code link above and get your 30-day free trial.