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Time in Pixels is a post production plugin website created by Thomasz Huczek. They make top notch colour grading plugins for Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Ressolve and Premiere Pro.

For the past years, they have built software for colour correction and photography that is used for everything from major motion pictures to web production.

Their two most popular plugins are False Color and Noble Color Remap.

What is False Color?

False color is a concept for examining exposure in a given shot, just like a zebra pattern only far more advanced. When activating false color mode on a certain monitor, the incoming video signal will be processed in a way that well-defined areas of brightness values are mapped to a specific color range.

Available for various platforms including OpenFX hosts: DaVinci Resolve,
Scratch, Nuke, Sony Vegas Pro as well as Adobe CC: Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Time in Pixels promo code

The False Color 3.0 plugin really has become a grown-up tool now. It not only supports numerous platforms such as Adobe CC (Premiere and After Effects) and any OpenFX host like DaVinci Resolve, Scratch or Nuke, but now it also comes with these powerful features:

  • GPU acceleration
  • Scale overlay
  • LUT export
  • Improved saturation mode
  • Support for ACES colorspace

False Color Pricing

The False Color 3.0 plugin is available as of now and there are several versions to choose from:

  • Bundle: everything for €49.99 (around $60)
  • OFX: OpenFX versions of the plugin. €29.99 (around $35)
  • OFX + Remote: OpenFX versions plus the Remote False Color app. €39.99 (around $47)
  • Adobe: Just the Adobe-compatible versions, so not all features are supported. €19.99 (around $24)

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What is Noble Color Remap?


Noble Color Remap by Time in Pixels helps you achieve what usually takes a lot of steps in one click. The results are usually way cleaner and much more precise.

The plugin is fully integrated with DaVinci Resolve and allows you to work right in the viewer with instant external screen preview. Available also in Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Photoshop and FCPX!

Use built-in tools for automated adjustments and customize the options for the fastest workflow.

  • Automated saturation, contrast and hue angle action,
  • Color picker and color-drag features,
  • Real-time color distribution graph.

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Nobel Color Pricing

FCPX – Noble Color Remap by Time in Pixels – Pro version (€170)

Premire Pro – Noble Color Remap by Time in Pixels – Editor version (€85)

  • Floating window view
  • Hue/Sat grid (circular and rectangular grid)
  • Lum/Sat grid
  • Hue/Lum grid
  • OpenGL GPU acceleration
  • 9 different color spaces (HSP, HSV and HSL + log versions)
  • Smooth saturation mode
  • Color distribution graph
  • Color picker
  • Basic grid operations:
  • Saturation slider
  • Contrast slider
  • Smooth option
  • 3D LUT Import & Export
  • Macbeth chart

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