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TunePocket Discount Code

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We’ve partnered with TunePocket to give you 1 free month with every yearly subscription (using our exclusive TunePocket discount code link). Take advantage of unlimited royalty free music downloads for $7.50/month (billed annually).

TunePocket offers one of the most affordable music licensing solutions for video creators, videographers, filmmakers, freelancers, and marketers.

Download unlimited royalty free music and sound effects with an annual subscription or just get a couple of soundtracks for a project with pay-as-you-go membership.

Use the music in personal and business projects, including:

  • Vlogs
  • Promotional videos
  • Advertisement
  • Social media ads
  • Film
  • Documentary
  • Games
  • Presentations
  • Events
  • Monetized YouTube channels

With TunePocket, new music is added every day, so there is always something new to download.

In addition to this, all plans are covered by 30 days money back guarantee 👍

About TunePocket

TunePocket’s catalogue currently includes 5,000+ full-length music tracks, intros, audio logos, stings, and sound effects. New content is uploaded daily.

What Do I Get With My TunePocket Discount Code?

Obviously there are loads of royalty free music sites out there with larger catalogues, so you might ask yourself, why use TunePocket?

There are 3 good reasons:

1. Price: Most Affordable Royalty Free Music Subscription

Subsciptions and pricing

Firstly, TunePocket offers the most affordable royalty free music subscription out there.

At $8.25/month (or $7.50/month with our TunePocket discount code!) that’s already an incredible offer for any freelance videographer.

So, not only does this create the opportunity to save on music for your videos, but also allows you to pass the savings to your clients by not charging them extra for the music.

In addition to this you can easily swap the music at no extra cost if your client doesn’t like the track.

★ TunePocket Discount code ★

Larger production companies can benefit from a corporate multi-user subscription that offer noticeable savings.

As a result, this allows you to set up a master account and then create independent accounts for all members of your team.

2. Flexibility: Subscription and On-Demand

Secondly, at TunePocket they let you choose between the subscription and on demand licensing.

Do you edit lots of videos?

Then it makes perfect sense to purchase a subscription and enjoy unlimited access to all their music and sound effects.

Need just a couple of tracks and effects for a project?

Buy Pay As You Go membership and download any 5 audio files for a flat fee of $39 (make sure you use our 10% TunePocket discount code).

Furthermore they both cover commercial use, so you can use these tracks in freelance and business projects.

TunePocket pay as you go membership

Also if you change your mind and need more music you can simply upgrade to the annual subscription.

3. Licensing: Wide Commercial All-In-One License

Finally, by default the license covers a wide range of typical online and offline uses, including:

  • Personal
  • Weddings
  • YouTube vlogs (incl. monetized)
  • Promotional
  • Corporate
  • Presentations
  • Film
  • Animation
  • Podcast
  • Audio book
  • Game
  • Software application

TunePocket licenses are perpetual. That is, once you placed the music in a video or used it in any other project, you can keep that music in the video forever, even after you cancel your subscription.

As a result, TunePocket has one of the most comprehensive, all-in-one royalty free licenses out there!

★ TunePocket Discount code ★

Licensing Certificates

Lastly, the all important licensing!

Every download is accompanied by a licensing certificate that designates you (or your business) as the license holder.

Moreover, every certificate comes with a feature that allows to instantly verify your license.

Who Can Benefit From TunePocket?

Tunepocket promo code

In short, everyone can benefit from using TunePocket. Whether you’re a professional videographer, editor or a first time filmmaker, why not try them for your next video project. Make sure you use our TunePocket discount code 😉

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