10 Best Online Video Editing Courses in 2024

Best Online Video Editing Courses

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Are you looking to take an online video editing course? well, that’s great as you’ve come to the right place.

We have researched some of the best editing courses you can start today from the comfort of your home. Learning the basics of editing is easy enough, but when it comes to creating emotion and story structure, it takes a bit of work.

Still, you don’t need to spend money on film school to learn how to master the edit. Many famous editors learned their craft by working up the ranks from low to high-budget movies.

Nevertheless, an online course can provide you with basic knowledge and confidence at the start of your career. Keep reading to learn about the best video editing classes online.  

Our Best Online Video Editing Courses

1. Adobe Premiere Pro For Beginners

Adobe Premiere Pro For Beginners

The first online video editing course on our list is for beginners. If you are a Windows user, Adobe Premier Pro will likely be your first editing software of choice. Plus, with the Adobe Creative Suite, you can access Adobe Premier, Photoshop, and After Effects VFX.

This course is for students who want to learn the basics of editing using Adobe Premiere. It teaches how to organize your project, edit and add simple audio and video effects.

You can access this course on Skillshare, which has thousands of classes in a range of creative subjects. An annual Skillshare membership costs $168, or $32 per month. 

2. Video Editing with Final Cut Pro

Video Editing with Final Cut Pro

You will likely edit your work on Final Cut Pro if you are a Mac user. One of the best video editing classes for Mac users is by YouTuber Ali Abdaal. His Skillshare course focuses on creating YouTube style videos, but it also teaches you the basics of Final Cut Pro.

The classes include how to add timelines, B-rolls, titles, images, and sound. There is even a section on polishing your cut and exporting the video. Perfect if you are just starting out and want to familiarise yourself with new editing software.

3. Learning Premiere Pro Basics in One Hour

Learning Premiere Pro Basics video editing course

Are looking for a free online video editing course, look no further. Adobe has hundreds of free video classes on its website. Plus, you don’t need to buy Adobe to watch them.

In this course, YouTuber Josh Olufemii takes you through a video project from start to finish. You will also learn to edit, do simple color grading, add graphics, and export your video.

Adobe has over 400 free sessions on its website that cover the basics of using its products. Their courses include titles such as Essential Editing Skills, Introduction to Graphics, and Premier Editing Shortcuts. This could be a great start for students and beginner filmmakers.

4. How To Edit A Feature Film

How To Edit A Feature Film

The best video editing classes teach the basics of video editing and how to tell a story. In this course, you learn the ins and outs of editing a whole feature film on your own. It is aimed at Premier Pro users and covers everything from beginners to advanced editors.

The course teacher is award-winning independent filmmaker Hank Orion. He shows you how to prepare and organize footage for a long project. In addition, there are classes on creating a sequence, locking your picture, and making closing credits.

Udemy is another video course website with thousands of classes in various subjects. You can enroll in this course for $19 or subscribe for $26.99 monthly to access all courses.

5. Storytelling Through Video

Storytelling Through Video

Our next online video editing course covers something that a lot of others miss – how to tell stories on screen. Filmmaking is, after all, storytelling, and you can make powerful videos without the need to spend years at film school or buying expensive equipment.

This Udemy course looks at creating videos for impact and training your eye to find ways to improve your video. You will also learn how to craft a story, cut clips, direct for the edit, and create scenes. If you are a student filmmaker, this might be a great starter course for you.

6. DaVinci Resolve Fundamentals

DaVinci Resolve Fundamentals video editing course

Movie studios prefer using DaVinci Resolve over Adobe Premier or Final Cut. This next course is one of the best video editing classes for DaVinci beginners.

You can find it on LinkedIn Learning, which has affordable online courses in a range of subjects. The course is by Patrick Inhofer, a trained editor and colorist. He talks through the rough cut, refining your edit, and exporting your video correctly. 

The online video editing course looks at getting comfortable with the software. It also comes with a 60-second video clip for you to work with, so you have hands-on practice with the workflow, uploading, and editing media.

7. Introduction to Video Color Correction

Introduction to Video Color Correction

If you want to step into more intermediate editing courses, you need to learn color correction. The best video editing classes cover the basics, but to become a pro editor, you need to understand all aspects of the job.

Color correction helps you to make your videos more vibrant and fit the mood and themes of your project. In this LinkedIn Learning class, Ashley Kennedy discusses the process of color grading and how to apply these tips to your work.

This course is an excellent introduction to color grading. Every video editor will need basic knowledge of how to fix, enhance, and change the color of their videos.

8. Color Grading with Da Vinci Resolve

Color Grading with Da Vinci Resolve

Next, we have a more high-end online video editing course about color grading. If you are using DaVinci, you will need to understand its color grade options. This course takes you on a creative journey from beginner to professional video colorist.

It is a well structured course, starting with novice lessons before working up to more expert tips. You will also learn about grading tools, keying, tracking, and mixing layers. In other words, the full DaVinci workflow from start to final delivery.

9. Creative Editing for Music Videos

Creative Editing for Music Videos course

This course focuses on editing music videos with storytelling and rhythm. The teacher is Camille Getz, a video editor with experience working on commercials, music videos, and short films. In this course, you learn her editing process on Adobe Premier Pro.  

The course is for music video editors who want to understand cutting to music. It teaches you how to prep, edit, and design sound, as well as tips and tricks for music videos.

You can access this course on Domestika alongside thousands of other online classes. Courses start at $10 each, or you can access Domestika Plus subscription for $12 per month.

10. Inside The Edit

Inside The Edit

Lastly, we have an advanced online video editing course for serious film editors. What makes this course special is that it focuses solely on the art and storytelling side of editing. If you already know your software, take this course to up your editing game.

Paddy Bird is an award-winning editor with over 20 years of experience. He created the course to share his knowledge with aspiring editors. The program is an industry-based training course designed to turn you into a high-end editor for film and TV shows.

If you want a film career this is one of the best video editing classes around. The course includes 100 video tutorials, 35 hours of raw footage, and a highly structured learning system. However, it does come with a price tag of $1,845 for a lifetime membership.

Wrapping Up

So, as you can see, there are a lot of options out there for aspiring video editors. With a wide variety of courses at mixed prices, software, and skill levels, you should find a course that suits you. Plus, if you’re a beginner, you can always start with free YouTube tutorials.

Remember that, as with all new skills, you get better with practice. You can start with smaller personal or amateur projects before working up to paid work. You can also start out as an assistant editor, learning by watching before taking on more responsibility.

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