YouTube Starter Kit For Beginners

Essential YouTube Starter Kit For Beginners

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In this article, we’re going to explore the perfect YouTube starter kit for all the equipment for YouTube that you’ll need to get going.

Our guide includes everything from audio to lights and the all important options for a cheap YouTube camera (or something a bit fancier).

So you’re looking to start a YouTube channel right? You’ve got your ideas down, and you’re excited to begin. However, there’s one piece of the puzzle missing… How will you go about filming it?


cheap YouTube camera

So let’s get started at the very basics. Firstly, to film anything you’re going to need a camera, and a good one at that!

There are many options for expensive, mid-range and cheap YouTube cameras. The most important thing to consider before purchasing is the style of filming you want to make.

For example, if you’re doing daily vlogs you’ll need to consider things like camera weight for holding the camera in front of you. If you’re filming cinematic shots then you’ll be looking at a camera that allows you to change lenses.

Below is a guide to the best cameras on the market currently, to add to your YouTube starter kit.

Compact Cameras + DSLRs

A great camera to start with would be a cheap camera or a used older version of any of the models found below, which all range considerably in price.

The Sony G7X and Canon S120, for example, are pocket, point and shoot YouTube cameras which give ease to the user and ability to record quickly when out and about. They are also very lightweight.

The heavier model of cameras, for example, would be the Sony A7S III, Panasonic GH5 and Canon 5D Mark III. These require purchasing additional lenses, however, having the ability to shoot in slo-mo and in 4k makes these cameras the best on the market for filming.

Sony ZV-1
Sony G7X
Sony 6400
Sony A7S III
Sony A7 III
Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 70D
Canon S120


Secondly, you might also like to consider using a phone as an option for a cheap YouTube camera. Obviously, nothing is better than the one in your pocket but if you have the budget to upgrade here are the best on the market currently.

Note: anything higher than an iPhone 6 model will shoot in 4K. 👍

iPhone 12 Pro
Samsung S21
Google Pixel 5

★ YouTube Starter Kit ★


Camera on tripod filming a waterfall

Next up on your list for equipment for YouTube is a stabilizer or tripod for your iPhone or camera. The time has come to leave balancing your equipment on a stack of books!

A professional stabilisation method is essential for your YouTube starter kit, even if you are just using a cheap YouTube camera to begin with. Here are some options below.

K&F TripodShoulderpod G2
Manfrotto TripodShoulderpod S1
Peak Design Travel TripodManfrotto Pixi
Manfrotto Fluid Head TripodJoby Gorillapod
Basic TripodManfrotto Phone Clamp for Gorillapod
Manfrotto Mini Tripod
Basic Phone Tripod

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audio mic setup for YouTube starter kit

Now it’s time to think about adding audio into the mix in your essential YouTube starter kit. You can always record directly into the camera device you are using but this is not always the best setup.

Ideally, you want to record your sound and visuals on separate channels, using the sound from your camera as a backup. This will allow you to have more control over your audio.

When considering audio for your YouTube starter kit to pair with a DSLR camera then you might want something a bit more powerful like an external recording device.

These devices are the perfect equipment for YouTube as Zoom H4N or a Zoom H6, have XLR inputs in order for you to connect, typically, an XLR shotgun microphone. This is also a good idea so you can have a backup recording if something were to go wrong.

Also if you’re using a phone then you can look at attaching a miniature shotgun mic or if you’re shooting interviews a basic lapel might be of more use.

Deity V-Mic Rode Video Mic Me
Rode Video Mic Pro+Rode SmartLav+
Joby WavoRode Wireless Go
Rode Video MicBasic Lapel Mic to iPhone
Zoom H5 Audio Recorder
Rode NTG-4
Rode NT-USB Mini

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cheap YouTube camera light

Next up, it’s time to add lighting to your equipment for YouTube checklist. Lighting is going to transform your videos and take your productions from zero to hero at the flick of a switch. It’s an essential item in your YouTube starter kit.

There is a big difference in the variations between different light sources. For example a lot of YouTube creators like softboxes or a diffused light source, as it gives them a nice natural soft glow to their skin. Natural sunlight or daylight is always the best source of light. However, if you’re shooting over a period of a few hours and don’t want the source of light to be seen to be changing, then a controlled environment is best.

Ideally having 3 light sources in your YouTube starter kit is ideal. A key light, fill light and then a hair light, or backlight. Also, think about the types of coloured lights you have in your videos. Adding gels over lights or a neon light in the background will make your videos stand out even more!

Beauty creators or Tik Tokker’s on the other hand, love ring lights, as often the light comes with a phone holder, so it’s basically two items for the price of one and they are easily movable around a house or flat!

Neewer SoftboxesRing Light
Neewer Panel LightsDesk Ring Light
Godox Sl-60WNeewer Ring Light
Lantern SoftboxElgato Key Light
Aperture Pocket Al-MCAperture AL-M9
Neweer 2 Pack Video Light
Aperture 120D

★ YouTube Starter Kit ★

Set Dressing

video background equipment for YouTube

Finally it’s time to have fun with your YouTube starter kit and put your personal stamp on your productions!

How you style your set is entirely dependent on your surroundings and your style of content. There are, however, a few basic essentials that are useful to have.

Also, remember to keep the background in your videos simple without too many distractions. Point the camera away from videos so they’re not directly behind you and begin building your branded set!

Our recommendations for awesome set dressings.

★ Best Equipment for YouTube ★


Premiere Pro editing YouTube starter kit

The final thing you’ll need to consider for your YouTube starter kit is the software to edit on!

Although this might not technically count as equipment for YouTube, it’s a must in order to publish your content. There are many different options out there for your budget.

Professional EditingFree EditingFree Mobile Editing
Adobe Premiere ProBlenderInShot
Final Cut ProiMovieClips
Da Vinci Resolve 17Kinemaster
Windows Movie MakerQuik

Wrapping Up – YouTube Starter Kit

To sum up, as with any recommendations for equipment for YouTube, the best way to make your decision is getting stuck in. By watching online reviews, talking to friends or peers who own the kit or by physically getting your hands on the product before you buy.

So good luck with building your YouTube starter kit! Remember that creativity is what you make of things and no matter what your budget if you have the drive to succeed then that is what will carry you.

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