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How to Hire Top Video Editors

Why hire a professional video editor

Taking that raw footage and turning it into a compelling message requires the work of a professional video editor. They shape a video through editing, graphics, sound and colour correction. A professional editor can take your video and turn it into something truly special and powerful.

What is video editing?

Ok, let’s get the boring bit out of the way! On a basic level, video editing is the process of rearranging or modifying sections of a video to form part of an entire sequence.

Nowadays, modern editing systems use video which is digitally captured onto a hard drive. Nevertheless, despite the end of “linear” editing and the introduction of these “non-linear” editing systems, video editing still works with the same basic principles of motion picture film editing.

The goals of video editing are the same – the removal of unwanted footage, isolation of desired footage and arrangement of that footage in time to create a consistent and continuous final sequence (called the “final cut”).

How to shortlist video editing freelancers

Video editing is the most crucial yet relatively unknown area of Film and TV. There are many talented video editors within our network and narrowing down applications to a select few is no small task. The following are a few things you should consider when hiring a quality video editor.

Brand fit. You want a video editor who understands the message you are trying to convey so that they can create a final cut that will resonate with your audience.
Portfolio. The best way to get a feel for the skill of a video editor is to see their past work.
Feedback. Check reviews from past clients for glowing testimonials or red flags that can tell you what it’s like to work with a particular video editor.

How to write an effective job post

Know what you want the final production to look like and match your hire accordingly, based on their portfolio. Do you simply need someone to sort through hours of footage? or do you want someone who can edit a sharp product video? Know what you want your video editor to do.

Scope of work: From an event highlights edit to a feature film, list all the deliverables you’ll need.
Project length: Your job post should indicate whether this is a smaller or larger project.
Background: If you prefer experience working with certain industries (e.g. Film, TV, Corporate) or media platforms (e.g. Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro) mention this here.
Budget: Set a budget and note your preference for hourly rates vs. fixed-price contracts.