Double Impact Studio

VFX Studio
25 Bardawill Ave, Georgina, Ontario, L4P 0B7

I am currently working as a CMO at Double Impact Studio (DIS) that masters VFX, film post-production, and 3D animations.

DIS is a world-class firm of video editors, motion designers, animators, VFX artists and post-production specialists. DIS has founded on a very basic need of the video creation and film industry: to connect people’s emotions with what they get to see and hear.

DIS means just a bunch of crazy video editors, motion designers, animators, VFX artists, and other post-production specialists who waste their time producing imagery and sequences. Add to this a couple of ambitious writers and directors that keep daydreaming and are never short of ideas.

In conclusion, DIS means impact emotions through awesome VFX& SFX you can find out more about DIS in “”