Best Short Film Competitions 2019

Getting funding for your short film idea is like watching England at the world cup; you know there’s no chance of it happening, and yet you continue to give up your time and energy in the hope that just maybe it might be your year…but inevitably – the funding is not coming home. But what

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Tax & Finances for Freelance Filmmakers

Are you a freelance filmmaker? If you recently have or are thinking about making the jump to fulltime freelancer, congratulations on taking a bold step in your career. Finding regular clients, networking, and getting that slick website up and running are the staples of any freelancer’s life. However, there is a slightly less glamorous task

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Basic Colour Grading in Final Cut Pro X

One of the noticeable differences between amateur and professional video is in the colour grading. If your films lack colour balancing, or if the colours of shots within a scene don’t match, it will be noticeable. Colour grading can be done to achieve technical harmony across visuals, or for applying a particular artistic finish to a piece.   If that all sounds

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Soundstripe Discount Code

10% Off Soundstripe Subscriptions Use Discount Code: ‘VIDEOCOLLECTIVE10‘ Click here Whether you’re a wedding videographer, content creator, marketer, or someone in between, you’ve likely asked the question: Where am I going to find exceptional music to complement my video? We understand firsthand how difficult and challenging it can be to secure good, complimentary music for

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Artlist Discount Code

2 Months Free at Artlist Use Discount Code: (click on link below) Click here Artlist is a subscription service that costs $199/year. That price gets you unlimited access to the company’s extensive library of quality music, which it sources directly from indie musicians all over the world. And the best part is that the music

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10% off All Subscriptions at Use Discount Code: ‘videocollective‘ Click here is an all-in-one set of color grading tools. From cinematic color grading 3D LUTs to a revolutionary online LUTs Previewer, they have got your color grading game covered. At the heart of’s subscription there are two products: 1. Commercial grade, industry standard

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