Volanti Imaging is an aerial media company based in the south east, specialising in capturing commercial aerial video and photography using UAV`s. We are fully insured and approved by the CAA for aerial work for both day and night flights. Although based in the south east we travel both nationally and internationally to satisfy the clients requirements.

We have worked with several large clients including those from the media sector, property market and construction industry to a very popular video games company. Our aim is to provide the best client experience alongside the highest quality video and photographs available. We have also worked abroad capturing some amazing footage in Europe for one of our clients. Some of our clients include SKY, BBC, ITN and Channel 4 to name but a few, we have also worked very closely with some local businesses to promote their companies.

We are equipped for both single and dual operation where we have an additional camera operator. Our camera operator is also a certified UAV pilot and has many years in the industry both flying and behind the camera.

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