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What is the casting process and how can you get the most out of it? How will you know that this is the right actor for your project? What are the best tricks to coax the best performance out of them to see if they have what your film needs?

Working with actors can be intimidating. Yet, your film depends profoundly on what they bring to a role. One of the most important keys for getting the performances you envisioned for your film is casting the right actors for your project.

But how does the casting process work? Is there a guideline you can follow that will give the process structure?

Every actor is different. Their background. Their level of experience. Is there a difference between a stage and a screen actor and how can it affect the casting process and their performance?

In this 2-day hands-on workshop we will discuss everything you need to know about actors and the casting process. We will cover planning and preparing for the casting, exploring skills a director needs when working with actors. You will get the opportunity to experience different strategies and methods that will help reaching set out casting goals. No hocus pocus. Only tried and successfully tested tools.

Since action speaks louder than words a big part of this workshop will be the practical exploration of the casting process, different acting methods and a mock casting situation, where you get the chance to work with professional actors and experiment with learned tools.

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