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Whether you’re writing a comedy screenplay, working on a sitcom script, or producing or directing a comedy film or television series, Steve Kaplan’s Comedy Screenplay Intensive is a must for any serious professional. Find out why the top writers, producers and directors from companies such as ABC, Disney, BBC, Dreamworks, Aardman Animation, NBC, Touchstone Television and others regularly attend his famed class.

Comedy Sceenplay Course Overview

The Comedy Screenplay Intensive is a two-day course that explores the hidden tools and principles of comedy.

Screenwriters need to understand what comedy is, how it works, why it works, what’s happening when it’s not working. This weekend masterclass explains what you can do to create smiles and chuckles in your scenes and movies. Tutor Steve Kaplan is recognised as one of Hollywood’s comedy experts. He has developed a proven system and offers practical methods and techniques.

On Day 1, you will explore with Kaplan the Hidden Tools of Comedy – useable, practical tools that you can apply immediately to your work.

Day 2 focuses on character, structure, comic premise and specific ways of applying the tools to text.

The workshop includes interactive exercises, solo and group writing activities, as well as a liberal use of clips from current and classic comedies to illustrate key points and principles. By the end of this weekend you will thoroughly understand how comedy works and have a solid toolkit enabling you to write comedy screenplays professionally.


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