Useful Links

Useful Links

This a good time to be a filmmaker in the UK. From national charities to apprenticeships and networking events. In fact there has never been this much support for first-time filmmakers.

Throughout your career, you’re going to come across a lot of companies that offer advice. So it is important to understand what they do and how they can help you. Take advantage of these opportunities, and remember you don’t have to approach this industry alone.

Below you will find a list of useful website links for UK based Filmmakers.

National Organisations

There are many national, government or charity-funded organisations that help manage the UK film industry. Each has different roles and responsibilities, but their main goal is to encourage film production throughout the UK.

Creative England – This is the UK’s major film commission, they help promote and develop creative industries throughout England. Additionally, they support upcoming filmmakers through their range of Growth Programmes. And not to mention their award-winning funding schemes Short Flix and iFeatures.

British Film Institute – The BFI is a government-run organisation which both exhibits films and supports filmmakers. They have a range of schemes to support UK film as well as funding specifically for development and distribution. Alongside the BFI is the BFI NETWORK which helps filmmakers easily find funding and access industry news.

ScreenSkills  – This is the UK’s leading film education portal. They offer professional Education & Training. Together with skills funding, career guidance and networking events

The British Film Council – They are responsible for promoting British films globally. For filmmakers, they have several opportunities, resources and also festival submission advice.

The Film Charity – Provides financial and health support for UK screen industry workers. For struggling filmmakers, they give Financial Support and can also provide legal advice.

Arts Council England – The Arts Council is a lottery-funded organisation which helps various creatives. They can offer grants and funding for both individuals and companies.

WFTV – A charity organisation that offers support for women in the entertainment industries. They can provide funding, networking events and in addition run mentorships.

Independent Cinema Office – The ICO is the leading organisation that supports independent cinemas and film festivals. Furthermore, they host Training & Events for filmmakers.

BBC Writers Room – If you are a screenwriter be sure to check out their career advice. They have competitions and submission opportunities for screenwriters all year round.

Film Job Sites

There are film job sites that advertise work specifically for filmmakers. Some of these sites focus on independent production, and others overall advertise fully paid work.

Here is a list of both free and paid film job sites in the UK.


Facebook Groups

Social media is an excellent tool to network with filmmakers in your local area. One of the simplest of ways doing this is through Facebook Groups. Below are listed some popular, active groups for UK filmmakers, however you will find more if you search for them.




Film Commissions

Every major city and region in the UK has a film commission. These are organisations specifically set up to encourage local filmmaking and investment. They also offer support for filmmakers regarding location permits, education and funding. You can find your local film commission below and see what they can offer.

Major Commissions

Region Commissions

Crew Directories

There are crew directory websites that are used by filmmakers to find and hire. Some of the film commissions listed above have sections where you can submit your details. Both local and foreign producers use this to hire crew, especially for larger shoots or on short notice. Make sure you read up on their requirements before submitting your details.


Below is a list of official apprenticeships for UK based filmmakers. However, there are plenty more traineeships for filmmakers available. One way to find opportunities like this is to look at the career pages of company websites. What’s more many major film and TV companies provide entry-level work and training schemes.

UK Film Schools

For education, there are many world-class film schools and university courses in the UK. Here is a list of the most well-revered institutions that offer both full-time and short courses. Additionally many of these schools offer grants and scholarships.

You can also check out a range of courses in our own film course directory.

Unions & Guilds

Filmmaker unions offer financial and legal advice, as well as rate card recommendations. You don’t have to join a union to work on professional film sets in the UK. But you might like to join a group to take advantage of the benefits they offer.


Funding schemes come and go, so be sure to keep a lookout for new opportunities. You can find funding hosted by national organisations, production companies and also education sources. Here is a list of current funding specifically for UK based filmmakers.

To keep track of these links, be sure to bookmark this page. Throughout your career, you will come across many organisations, funding schemes and charities that can help you.

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