BA (Hons) Film and Screen Business

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This course challenges you to develop your business skills, and knowledge across a range of areas within the screen and film industries and build their entrepreneurial mission to launch successful careers.

You’ll learn to navigate the modern media environment; film and media content production and delivery; financing and funding; data and analytics; legal and accounting principles; marketing strategy, exploitation, and distribution.

You will also hone skills to help progress in your own business career – presentation, networking, pitching and creative entrepreneurship.

The BA (Hons) Film & Screen Business programme is made up of Level 4, 5 and 6 modules delivered over six consecutive semesters, each focusing on a key area of business within the screen industries. In each semester you will study three modules: Screen Industry, Business Skills and Entrepreneur. By meeting the learning outcomes, students develop knowledge and understanding, critical analysis and practical skills to help you to become a great business practitioner within the creative industry.

Screen Industry covers the knowledge and understanding of the different business models in the environments you are going to work within. You will then be assessed on your core competencies in these modules.

Business Skills are the core technical skills you need to successfully run a business and become part of the next generation of creative entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur is a combination of the skills learned in the Business Skills and Screen Industry modules which are then applied to a practical brief as part of your key project. This could be setting out a business plan, running a marketing campaign, financing, and helping produce a short film or project managing a film festival.

You will graduate with a degree, a portfolio of professional content, and a business plan to help you navigate the complex media and creative industries job market.

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