Certificate in Digital Animation and VFX

MetFilm School
Course Type
Training Course

The Six-Month Full-Time Digital Animation & VFX builds a solid understanding of VFX and production techniques including: pre-production planning, virtual set production, set extensions/replacement and clean up, Matte painting, Hard surface modelling, organic modelling, texturing, rigging, animation, creature creation, 3D tracking, compositing and match lighting. This course is suitable for beginners, with no previous experience required.

Why take the course?

The Six-Month Digital Animation & VFX course helps you step into the industry as a VFX Compositor, Artist, Producer or take on other similar roles. The programme covers the core VFX and Animation skills, including:

  • Digital Animation & VFX workflows, processes and disciplines
  • Design and creation of 3D models
  • Creation of manual and procedural textures
  • Performing match-move on live action footage to recreate the original camera movement in a 3D space
  • Adding dynamic finishing FX
  • Lighting and rendering a 3D shot for compositing
  • Compositing CG renders seamlessly into Live Action footage
  • Gain an understanding of the animation and VFX career opportunities available in today’s creative industries

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