Four-Week Post Production

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Video Editing
Course Type
Short Course

Four-Week Post Production is a full time intensive and practical course giving students the opportunity to study and practice post production as a creative and technical craft, learning the core skills and technology needed for today’s ever-changing screen industries. This course is suitable for beginner’s, no previous experience is required.

Why take the course?

Four-Week Post Production will build an enhanced understanding of postproduction processes and best practices based on the project, genre and the objectives of the filmmakers. You will also learn ways to pursue editing opportunities in the screen industries and push your editing ability even further.

Four-Week Post Production is designed to improve the understanding, knowledge, and practice in the following core areas:

  • How to operate Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • The best way to serve your narrative through postproduction.
  • How to use editing to create atmosphere and mood.
  • The role of a creative film editor in a professional context.

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