MA Cinematography

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The MA Cinematography Programme offers students a unique opportunity to develop the necessary skills and techniques to work professionally within the camera department, employ a range of technical and creative techniques to maximise visual storytelling, and explore a range of film formats and processes.

Students will look at the role of the cinematographer within the wider filmmaking process, and develop their skills towards the completion of a final Master’s project as a cinematographer.

The MA Cinematography course will equip students with a systematic understanding of the creative and craft skills behind the role of the camera department, giving students a broad range of industry relevant skills within the discipline of cinematography.

  • Practical. Through hands-on practical exercises, workshops, seminars, masterclasses and screenings,students will gain the practical skills and knowledge required to work with cameras and lighting to industry standards and practices, enabling students to demonstrate a range of industry relevant skills upon graduation.
  • Creative & technical skills. Opportunities to gain a wide range of skills across projects such as a short–filmed project that students write and direct; 35mm workshop and shooting exercise; location and night shooting with large sensor camera; green screen and VFX exercises; working collaboratively; and learning the functions of each camera departmental role.
  • Postproduction skills. Gain skills vital for look, design and rushes management through creative and technical training in grading and processing software to enhance the visual aesthetics of student’s productions. Prepare for the world of VFX shooting with theory and practice in a range of techniques and experiences such as green screen shooting and VFX integration.
  • Real-life experience. Students will get the chance to work as a director of photography alongside other MA students on short video content for external clients during the industry project, giving students the opportunity to further showcase their talents and build a competitive showreel.

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