Part-Time Post Production

MetFilm School
VFX Video Editing
Course Type
Training Course

Part-Time Six-Month Postproduction is an intensive course for students looking for training in the latest digital filmmaking postproduction techniques, covering the core areas including editing, colour grading, audio mixing and visual effects. This course is suitable for beginners, no previous experience is required.


The Part-Time Six-Month Postproduction course gives students the opportunity to explore the world of post-production editing, colour grading and deliverables, using MetFilm School’s high-end grading, sound mixing and recording equipment.

The Part-Time Six-Month Postproduction is designed to improve the understanding, knowledge, and practice in the following core areas:

  • Know how to tell a good narrative story through editing.
  • Develop an understanding of post-production workflows, processes, and disciplines.
  • Learn how to utilise audio to enhance the storytelling process.
  • Use colour-grading techniques to maximise the visual impact of films.
  • Apply core skills in visual effects production to aid the completion of films.
  • Learn a range of ways to compress and distributing platforms.
  • Be able to utilize continuity editing to relay new information to viewer.
  • Understand script analysis and the elliptical nature of film.
  • Understand the key areas of postproduction organisational structure.
  • Understand the importance of naming conventions.
  • Be able to work with different genres and analyse and adept editing techniques.

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