Power of DSLR

Course Type
Short Course

This information packed evening course introduces filmmakers to the advantages and technical scope offered by shooting on Digital Single Lens Reflex or so-called DSLR cameras.

Lightweight, compact and generally inexpensive – DSLR cameras have revolutionised filmmaking. Learning how to use them to their advantages is the object of this evening course.

What you will learn on the Power of DSLR course:

  • DSLR cameras – what are they as filmmaking tools? how do they fit in?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the platform?
  • How to get the best results from a DSLR
  • Understand lenses, ISO, aperture, shutter, noise, moire, aliasing, rolling shutter and more
  • Learn 6 ways to make your film three-dimensional (without the silly glasses…)
  • Learn (and understand!) the 5 pillars of exposure

Who Should Attend

Documentary and narrative filmmakers who would like to improve their camera skills, technical and aesthetic.

About the tutor

Jason runs his own film company ‘Robo Films’ and has been working as a cinematographer, director, editor and composer for over 15 years now. Much of the work he produces is shot on DSLR cameras including commercials, short films and music videos.

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