Young Filmmakers Workshop

MetFilm School
Course Type
Youth Course

The Young Filmmakers Workshop is a two-day weekend course for 14–17-year-olds. This course provides an introduction to the fundamental skills required to create content for film, television and online media. This course is suitable for beginners, no previous experience is required.

What you will study

Students will explore the following key areas during the Young Filmmakers Workshop course:

  • Visual Storytelling. Students will learn how to tell stories through the use of visual mediums, looking at composition, framing, blocking and camera positions and how to engage an audience.
  • Directing. Students will learn about the role of the Director, how to communicate with actors and the key collaborative relationships which are at the core of filmmaking.
  • Post Production. Students will understand the importance of shooting for the edit and be introduced to the craft of editing.
  • Camera, Lighting and Sound. Students will learn the basics of camera, lighting, and sound to enable the production of short, filmed exercises.
  • Final Filming Exercise. Students will collaborate across their group to prep, shoot, and edit a short, filmed exercise.

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