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Filmstro Review (2021 Update)

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

In this article, we give a quick review of Filmstro Pro, looking at music quality, pricing and app features.

Filmstro now offers 60% off their Pro-Plus Subscription. That’s high quality unlimited royalty-free music for just $189. 🙌

What is Filmstro?

Filmstro is a royalty-free stock music platform that was launched in 2016 by Sebastian Jaeger.

Essentially, Filmstro is a tool for filmmakers that allows them to create custom soundtracks for their projects. It’s super powerful and fast however you don’t need to understand music to use it.

You also don’t need to mess around with stems and waste time in an audio editing program. Instead, you just use Filmstro’s 3 awesome Scoring Sliders.

To understand how the core concept of their Scoring Sliders work, simply press play and move the sliders below to see how you can adapt the mood of the piece!

Filmstro includes three separate apps which you can use.

  1. A website version where you can browse and preview its audio library, and download your favourite track.
  2. A built in plugin for Premiere Pro.
  3. A desktop app called Filmstro Pro.

It’s a Great Fit for…

Thousands of filmmakers around the world are already using Filmstro. If you need music for your passion project, short film or anything long-form that requires cinematic music, then Filmstro is your tool of choice.

Basically, Filmstro is useful for anyone who needs to customize their music. You should definitely get Filmstro if you:

  • Are a freelance filmmaker or video editor
  • Create vlogs, B-rolls, documentaries, short films, etc
  • Are a sound enthusiast who wants to fine tune music
  • Edit wedding shoots or cinematic shots
Filmstro Pro App screenshot
App Interface – Filmstro Review


Filmstro is very simple and easy to use. Browsing the music in Filmstro’s library is built right into the program.

As you audition each track, you can manipulate the three faders to see what range the song has. Once you have chosen a song, you can drag it into the built-in timeline and begin to manipulate it to fit your story.

You are able to either add keyframes where you want the music to change, or you can make changes in real-time as your video plays. Once you have made the adjustments you require, export the track. That’s it.

Here are a few more cool features.

✔ Unlimited Royalty-Free Music ✔ No Copyright Strikes, Claims or Muting
✔ New Music Added Every Week ✔ Keyframe Music in the Filmstro App
✔ Premiere Pro Panel Plugin ✔ New Music Added Every Week
✔ All Tracks Cleared For Use Worldwide Forever

Filmstro Pro is a standalone app that you can use on Mac and Windows to customise powerful tracks in a variety of ways. Use the scoring sliders to easily change the mood by changing the momentum, depth and power of each piece of music in their ever-growing library.

Let’s take a quick look at how to use it…

Filmstro Pro: The Process

Creating a soundtrack is as easy as 1-2-3!


Choose from over 60 albums of high-quality, exclusive and curated content.

app search
Category SearchFilmstro Review


Next, edit your chosen track in the App to create a custom piece of music for your project.

edit timeline
Timeline – Filmstro Review


Lastly, grab a high-res WAV for your final edit!

How Much Does Filmstro Cost?

Filmstro is offering a time-limited lifetime offer right now. If you’re reading this, then you’re in luck. You can now bag yourself unlimited music (with all that customisable goodness) for a one-time payment of just $189.

Filmstro pricing
Pricing – Filmstro Review

Only need Filmstro for specific projects? No worries. A monthly subscription gives you access to unlimited music for your project and you can cancel any time.

YouTuber ($14.99)Pro ($37.99)Pro Plus ($74.99)
Copyright-cleared musicCopyright-cleared musicCopyright-cleared music
Unlimited use, worldwide & in-perpetuityUnlimited use, worldwide & in-perpetuityUnlimited use, worldwide & in-perpetuity
Premiere Pro pluginPremiere Pro pluginPremiere Pro plugin
Cancel any timeCancel any timeCancel any time
Monetised YouTubeMonetised YouTubeMonetised YouTube
Wedding filmsWedding films
Corporate videosCorporate videos
Online adsOnline ads
Apps & GamesApps & Games
Broadcast ads, TV & film

Filmstro Review – The Takeaway

To sum up, if you’re tired of being restricted with ordinary stock music and fancy some fun creating high-quality music for your projects, then this tool is a no-brainer. Filmstro allows you to create unique & moving soundtracks with no musical experience at all.

The only downside is having to download and install the software and then download the tracks in the App, but the adaptability is worth it. Also, their library is not the biggest, but if you’re in need of cinematic music then it’s hard to find a better solution out there.

Are you curious to find out more? Check out their website now and take it for a test drive! 🤓

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