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Need some free DaVinci Resolve LUTs to add color to your project? No problem we’re going to show you where to get all the free ones you could ever need!

Professionally created LUTs are the fastest and easiest way to add emotional power and visual appeal to your film.

If you’re looking for cinematic looks, vivid color, vintage flare, or want to mimic movie favorites, we’ve got pro LUTs ready to drop onto your DaVinci Resolve timeline.

In this article, we not only provide a large collection of free DaVinci Resolve LUTs, but we also show you how to install them along with a few pro tips.

What are LUTs?

Simply put, LUTs are color-grading presets that can be added to footage with just a few clicks.

LUT stands for Look Up Table. This table is a basic set of instructions for DaVinci or any other editing software to interpret color grading information. 

Now, a few different types of LUTS exist, but for the moment we’ll be focusing on 3D LUTs. These are the most advanced and they give editors and colorists the most amount of control when adding looks. These have a .cube filename extension.

Free DaVinci Resolve LUTS

LUTs can transform and enhance your footage in so many amazing ways. This stage of the creation process can really shape the experience of your project.

30 Cinematic LUTs

First, we have a bundle of 30 free cinematic LUTs designed by professional colorists. With this useful variety, you can easily amplify engagement to your story.

1 Free Oppenheimer LUT

Next, if you’re a fan of Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, you’ll want to check out this free cinematic LUT. The desaturated and muted look is intended to create a sense of urgency and realism.

48 Free Custom LUTs for LOG Footage

Moving along, here are 48 free custom LUT’s from Shutterstock. The pack is split into 13 cinematic looks for Black Magic and then 35 separate custom LUTs. The first set were designed specially for the Black Magic camera profile. So if you’re working with footage with other log profiles then you might want to turn down the intensity slightly.

With the second pack of 35 custom LUTs, you get a variety of looks. From multiple vintage effects to bold cinema to touched-up standard shots. You should really have this collection in your toolkit.

20 Matrix Tools and Effect Pack

This matrix-inspired package offers 3 LUT presets to add to your next project. The kit also includes 5 transitions and 4 titles that match the style.

17 Free LUTs for LOG Footage

If you’re inspired by travel then these 17 free LUTS are for you. They offer beautiful aesthetics for landscapes and lush environments that really pop without looking stock.

8 Free LUTs for DaVinci Resolve

Free Digital Colorist LUTs

This free LUT pack brings a creative wash to your footage. With 8 looks to choose from, your content can be transformed to fit the mood of your story, from warm and lively to cold and distant. It even has a nice gray and white preset that balances objects in the frame.

3 FUJI Film Emulation LUTs

FUJI Film Emulation LUTs

In this pack of 3 LUTs from Juan Melara you get what’s called (PFE) A print film emulation. The creator has spent hundreds of hours perfecting these FUJI films’ looks. So if you like the analog and artistic stylizing of film then you have to try these out.


Sometimes, simple is the way to go. Here are a dual bundle of black and white LUTs from Cinematorgrpaher David Morgan Jones. These are great for minimalism or producing an archival look. Also they can be useful for adding a dramatic noir style to your shots.

155 Free DaVinci Resolve LUTs

Free DaVinci Resolve LUT Pack

In this incredibly extensive bundle of free LUTs from you have most of what you’ll ever need in color grading. From color boosting that looks natural, commercial work with a neutral mid-point, to the cine print to film looks. The highlight roll-off in this pack is very pleasing.

9 Free LUTs

These 9 free handcrafted LUTs by Film Crux have a clean and modern style to them. They boost greens, reds, blues, and magenta with desaturated versions. Also they have just the right amount of contrast for a film-like look. 👌

128 Free DaVinci Resolve LUTs

Free Presetpro LUTs

Lastly, if you’ve still not found what you’re looking for then here’s a whole library of free LUTs to explore. Whatever you can imagine, you can find it here. From film looks, to moody blues, to a warm nomad. Just click the one you like, view the before and after sample, then click ’start downloading now’.

That concludes our list of Free DaVinci Resolve LUTs. Now let’s cover how to install them.

How to Install Free DaVinci Resolve LUTs

There are two easy ways you can install your free DaVinci Resolve LUTs. Either way works the same so feel free to use whichever is most easiest for you.

Installation via Davinci Resolve

  1. Open your DaVinci Resolve project.
  2. Click the Project Settings gear wheel at the bottom right corner of the interface.
  3. Go to the Color Management tab, then in the ‘Look Up Tables’ section, click Open LUT Folder.
  4. Then, with this LUT folder window open, create a new window and navigate to where you downloaded the new LUTs (.cube files) on your computer.
  5. Now, drag and drop the new LUTs (.cube files) into the DaVinci Resolve LUT Folder.
  6. In Davinci Resolve within the Look Up Table section, click ‘Update Lists’.  This will refresh the LUTs you just copied into DaVinci’s system.
  7. Close the project settings window
  8. Within the Color Tab, the newly added LUTs are available to select under the LUTs dropdown menu.
  9. Select the clip you want to grade, then hover the LUT of your choice to preview. Double-click to add to the clip.

Manual Installation

Want to do it manually? no problem. Just copy the new LUTs (.cube files) directly into the LUT folder found on your hard drive. Use the path below for PC and Mac to find the system LUT folder.

Macintosh HD > Library > Application Support > Blackmagic Design > Davinci Resolve > LUTC:\ ProgramData \ Blackmagic Design \ DaVinci Resolve \ Support \ LUT

If you want to separate new LUTs from the default ones on your hard drive then create a subfolder within the LUT folder located in the path described above (give it a unique name).

Within your DaVinci project, in the LUTs window, right-click and select Refresh. This new subfolder will now appear.

Tips for Using Free DaVinci Resolve LUTs

If you’re ready to get started then here are a few quick tips to get the most out of your new LUTs.

1. Choose a Style

To achieve a cohesive look or visual flow, avoid mixing too many LUTs. In most cases, you’re building a world to immerse the viewer, so continuity is key. On the other hand, if you’re using them for transitional purposes, such as before and after shots, that’s a special case.

2. Use Log or Flat Profile Footage

To get the most latitude out of your LUTs, apply them to your camera’s log footage. Otherwise, shoot in a flat profile with low contrast and low saturation.

3. Apply Camera Specific LUTs

Most LUTs were designed for specific camera gamma curves. Applying LUTs to their intended footage will give you the most accurate look. If you’re using a specific LUT for a different camera’s footage, you might find that LUT is too harsh when applied. You can fix this by lowering the LUT intensity as a whole.

4. Customize LUTs

The LUTs are not set in stone and as mentioned it can depend on the camera footage. So if needed, you can customize them to suit your footage.

5. Build a Library

3D LUTs are very small files to store on your computer, so download as many as you want. When you find yourself using some more than others, right-click on the LUT and add to Favorites. Otherwise, right-click on a LUT, select Reveal in Finder, and then delete from your computer.

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