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In this fast-paced world of creativity, there’s little time and energy left to create quality animations from scratch. Luckily, there’s a fast and easy solution… free DaVinci Resolve templates. 

So if you haven’t got the time to learn the full animation process then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve collated over 100+ hand-picked free DaVinci Resolve templates which are ready to use and can make your work really stand out with minimal effort.

If you’re completely new to Resolve, no problem. We also cover how to download, install, and organize your library.

What are DaVinci Resolve Templates?

Davinci Resolve templates (or macros) are pre-made assets created by professional animators. These drag-and-drop templates work seamlessly within a few clicks and are ready to be fully customized with your own content.

There are many different types of free DaVinci Resolve templates like logo openers, main titles, lower thirds, social motion graphics, and various different effects. However, to keep it simple we’ve tried to source a small selection for you to choose from.

DaVinci Resolve Title Templates

Adding titles to your video serves many purposes. Attractive typography not only grabs attention while adding an artistic touch, but provides messaging, and gives context to your video.

Glitch Titles

Glitch Titles

First off we have some glitch titles. These are great for punching up techy promos, showreels, and moments of action. This pack includes 5 free DaVinci Resolve templates to choose from.

Simple Titles

Simple Titles

Next, we have titles with a plain and simple boxy design. Sometimes, that’s the way to go. You can also change the font, color, size, position, and background colors.

Large Titles

Large Titles free Davinci Resolve template

Here we have 9 sleek title templates to choose from. They get the point across on social media or presentations in style.

Modern Titles

Modern Titles

If you’re going for a modern look, this is a great title package to add to your toolkit. Easily add this free 9-title template with stylish fonts and elegant shapes to your next project.

Box Titles

Box Titles

Next, we have a group of box titles to enhance the viewer experience. With simple sliders, you can change colors, size, position, corner roundness, fonts, and border thickness

Progress Radial Lower Third

Progress Radial Lower Third free Davinci Resolve template

Here you have a single radial title. This low-key motion graphic delivers the information in a non-distractive way to the viewer.

Line Drop Lower Third

Line Drop Lower Third

This simple lower third from Mixkit comes with a main heading, subheading, separating line, and drop animation.

Classic Lower Thirds

Classic Lower Thirds

This is a great variety pack of lower thirds from MotionElements. This free DaVinci Resolve template contains 9 options, easy to read, and easy to customize.

Dot Callout

Dot Callout free Davinci Resolve template

If you’re looking for a simple one-off dot callout title, give this one a try. It has a heading, subheading, and a dot pointer.

Creative Call Outs

Creative Call Outs

This a creative callout pack with modern shapes. Easily change the font and color from any of the 9 options to choose from. This free DaVinci Resolve template is great for educational content.

Wedding Elegance

Wedding Elegance

Try out this elegant slideshow from Motion Array for someone’s special day. This is a fast and elegant wedding template that features particles, glowing flares, and more.

Event Promo

Event Promo free Davinci Resolve template

This is a neat bundle of free DaVinci Resolve templates that are perfect for presentations, corporate videos, and promos. It has 15 video or photo placeholders, 38 text placeholders, and 1 logo placeholder.

Quick Switch Text Title

Quick Switch Text Title

Lastly, we have this cool fast-flowing 4 title intro with a logo finish. It’s a clean template that pairs well with commercials and showreels. 

DaVinci Resolve Logo Templates

In most cases, the first thing to appear in a promo or corporate video is a logo opener. By being dead center, it draws the viewer in, giving them a sense of the brand behind it.

Fast Intro And Twist Title

Fast Intro And Twist Title

Looking for a minimal approach? Try this single and subtle logo opener template. Place a sound effect underneath and it’s good to go. Remember, less can be more.

MHelloDV Bundle

MHelloDV Bundle free Davinci Resolve template

This bundle from MotionVFX comes with 10 free DaVinci Resolve templates. You can create catchy titles with backgrounds, retro frames, and glass effects, along with one logo opener. Quite the starter kit!

3D White Logo

Check out this single logo opener template from Motion Array. Opening your video with a sleek camera movement in a 3D space is a neat and impressive way to start your video.

Twist And Drop Logo Title

Twist And Drop Logo Title

If you like a logo intro that’s minimal, then this free DaVinci Resolve template from Mixkit should do the trick. It drops and twists from the top of the frame. A discreet way to add your brand or graphics.

Fast Text Transition Title

Fast Text Transition Title free Davinci Resolve template

You can deliver several messages and a logo all at once with this colorful and energetic intro transition template. It comes with 4 text placeholders along with 1 logo placeholder.

Opener Logo

This bundle is a fast and easy way to add dynamic titles finishing with your logo. The kit comes with 8 placeholders, 6 text holders, and a single logo.

DaVinci Resolve Effects

First off, Davinci Resolve has ready-to-apply effects built in. These are great if you’re starting out but we have a collection of free DaVinci Resolve effects templates to take your project to another level. From cinematic magic to practical tools ready to use in your library.

Matrix Tools and Effects Pack

Matrix Tools and Effects Pack

This matrix-inspired package offers 20 high-quality effects. You get 1 background, 6 effects, 3 LUT presets, 5 transitions, and 4 titles. Also great to see the capabilities of the software.


mCamRig free Davinci Resolve template

Now this is one of those must-have free DaVinci Resolve templates. Bring dimension and life to any photo or video by easily adding camera movement animations to your content.

Clean and Colorful Presentation

Clean and Colorful Presentation

Working on a business or corporate video? this kit has 12 video and title templates along with 1 logo to choose from. These clean and colorful placeholders can make the presentation memorable!

Newspaper History

Newspaper History

If you’re looking for a dramatic way to start a documentary, you’ll find this newspaper template very useful. Create impressive results with the easy-to-use drag-and-drop features.

DaVinci Resolve Social Media Templates

With the ever-growing demand for social media content, creators struggle to stay ahead of the pack. Luckily, drag-and-drop social templates are ready to post within a few clicks.

Social Media Thirds

Social Media Thirds free Davinci Resolve template

This is a great bundle of stylish social lower thirds from Motion Array. It includes 13 templates from popular social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter.

Social Icons Pack

Social Icons Pack

These creative social icons add an artistic look to your videos. The free DaVinci Resolve template includes 9 social 3D icons with modern animations. Add them to the beginning and end of your videos.

Basic Story Template

Basic Story Template

This is a simple but sleek Instagram story template from Mixkit which is ideal for your next post. It comes with animated text and a tagline.

Reminder Text Prompt

Reminder Text Prompt free Davinci Resolve template

Next, we have an animated text prompt that reminds viewers to subscribe. This might be more effective than using a subscribe animation by itself.

Subscribe Button With Mouse

Subscribe Button With Mouse

Adding a subscribe button is essential for building audiences. Here’s a single quick and easy template ready to apply today.

Animated Line Lower Third

Animated Line Lower Third

Moving on, we have another basic lower third with an animated intro and motion blur outro. Ideal for a promo or travel video.

Channel Box Subscribe Button

Channel Box Subscribe Button free Davinci Resolve template

Check out this quick sticker animation to prompt the return of viewers. It has placeholders for branding, name, tagline, and button.

Gradient Shape Animation Story

Gradient Shape Animation Story

Lastly, we have a single animated intro with a sleek headline and vertical tagline. Simply, drop your video in the mask, add your tagline and you’re all set!

How to Install DaVinci Resolve Templates

There are a few ways to install DaVinci Resolve templates. Obviously, the installation method will depend on the type of template that was provided by the creator.

The good news is that template creators often include a video tutorial that walks you through each step. DaVinci file extensions may seem foreign to you at first so we’ve made a quick reference table to help.

File TypeExtensionDirectory
DaVinci Resolve Project.drpProject Root Folder
Motion Graphic.settingGenerators
Davinci File Type Reference Sheet

There are usually 4 main ways to install free DaVinci Resolve templates (2 of which are super easy). Here is a quick breakdown of each method.

Use a .drfx File

  1. Download the template. Locate the .drfx file
  2. Open Davinci Resolve
  3. Double-click .drfx file
  4. DaVinci prompts up a window asking if you want to install. Simply, Click Install.

Drag & Drop

  1. Download the template. Locate the (.settings file.)
  2. Open Davinci Resolve. Navigate to the Fusion Tab
  3. Open the Effects panel
  4. Drag and Drop all the (.settings) files onto the Effects window of Resolve.


  1. Find and download the template you want to install (anywhere on your computer).
  2. Locate the library folder on your computer. Then, follow the breadcrumb: /Blackmagic Design/DaVinci Resolve/Support/Fusion/Templates/Edit/Effects. To keep your effects organized, create a subfolder named after the effect you downloaded. This way it’s easier to navigate dropdown menus within DaVinci Resolve.
  3. Inside the templates folder (where you created a new subfolder with the template name) drag and drop the downloaded template files (.setting or .settings) into the new subfolder.
  4. After placing the template files in the folder, close and reopen DaVinci Resolve.
  5. The new DaVinci Resolve template should now be accessible in the library.
  6. While in DaVinci Resolve, create a new timeline within the Edit tab, then drag and drop the template from the library onto your timeline or footage.
  7. In the inspector window, customize the parameters to align with your project.

VFX Cloud (MotionVFX)

  1. Download mInstaller link  from MotionVFX
  2. Install and uninstall assets from the cloud installer
  3. Effect will automatically be available in DaVinci
  4. Drag and drop the template into your timeline within DaVinci

After you install the template (or macro) you can then search for it in the Effects search bar. Simply enter the effect’s name, and it will pop up. That’s it! 👍

Tips for Using DaVinci Resolve Templates

So there you go, plenty of free DaVinci Resolve templates to experiment with. Think of them as a framework, the rest is in your hands to make it your own signature style.

Want to take them to the next level? Here are a few quick tips for maximizing your templates.

Add Effects

Try adding some extra effects. This could include things like color tints, glows, or textures.

Add Sound Effects

Some templates work best when accompanied by sound effects. For example, if you are using a glitch template then try adding a glitch sound to help sell it.

Pick a Style

Keep things simple and don’t add too many templates. You want the audience to focus on the content, not just the animations.

Build a Library

DaVinci Resolve templates are great tools to have to hand, so it’s a good idea to stay organized and save your templates.

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