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Need some free sound effects for your project? No problem we’re going to show you where to get all the free sound packs you could ever need.

Most viewers will forgive some low-quality visuals, but with poor audio, you risk losing them altogether. Sound is a massively important part of your film and can really affect what your audience takes from a scene.

Generally, building and mixing your audio can be time-consuming, and sometimes a little dull. However, with a growing selection of free sound effects packs, it’s never been easier to build a vast library to turn to when creating your film.

What are Sound Effects Packs?

Generally, sound effects packs have a variety of different audio clips around a common theme. For example weather, cars, sports, etc

WAV file
mp3 file

Some effects are divided into single mp3 or Wav files, sorted in separate folders, so you can quickly add them to your projects. However, others may come as a single file with effects playing one after the other. Obviously, this might require a bit of trimming.

We’re going to look at several different types of sound effects, as well as show you where you can download them for free. So let’s get stuck in…

Action Sound Effects

This Trailer Construction Kit from PremiumBeat contains 20 different free sound effects for use in your action trailers. This set includes a massive number of SFX, such as atmos, sweeps, risers, and slams. This pack contains everything you need to build the perfect epic teaser score.

Explosion Sound Effects

The Detonate pack contains 40 free explosion sound effects and 15 video assets for your video projects. The pack includes blasts, bombs, mine explosions, and grenades. It contains everything you need to start making that action film you’ve always wanted. 🤯

Footstep Sound Effects

As the title suggests, the Footstep SFX pack contains a wide variety of footstep sound effects. The pack includes a range of shoe types in 13 different textures, such as wood, snow, concrete, and gravel.

You also get some room atmosphere included to help bridge the gaps between steps. This free sound effects pack will be all you’ll ever need. 👌

Computer Sound Effects

This Sci-Fi UI pack from PremiumBeat contains 29 free sound effects from mouse clicks and selections to digital scanner sounds. In short, it’s the perfect starter pack for all your technology and sci-fi based films.

Cinematic Atmospheres

Cinematic Atmosphere is a massive pack of over 80 atmospheric audio effects. Tracks vary between genres, including horror, thriller, and dramatic scores. Also, the simplicity of eack track makes it easy to cut, rearrange, and mix with other sounds and music.

Tips For Using Free Sound Effects

1. Layer them up

sound effects layers in Premiere Pro

One of the biggest mistakes people make when creating an audio mix is trying to find one sound effect to fit the whole scene.

For example, finding one set of footsteps that works for an entire walking sequence. Unless you are recording the foley audio yourself, it is unlikely you will find a one size fits all solution.

In short, you should layer up your audio effects to build the world you want to create.

2. Add Audio Effects

audio effects panel Premiere Pro

Sound Effects files are like any other audio in your project and can have additional effects added to them. As a result, this gives you the ability to change elements of the effect, such as the pitch and speed or echo, giving you more control over your audio library.

3. Timing is Everything

audio video timing

Lastly, when it comes to certain sound effects, timing is everything. An oddly timed door shutting sound can throw off an entire scene.

While it might be tempting, don’t just dump your effects on the timeline and hope for the best, even if it’s worked in the past. Take time to make sure each one is timed perfectly with the onscreen action. 👍

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