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Looking for some free video assets to spice up your project? Editing is a long process so anything that can save time in post-production is handy.

You want your project to be high quality so cutting corners isn’t an option. Using video assets won’t just save you editing time but it can also increase the production value. In other words, they make your project look more professional.

We’re going to look at the main types of video assets and show you where you can get some free ones to get you started.

What Are Video Assets?

You’re probably already familiar with stock video, maybe you’ve already used some in your work. However, video assets are just as useful and are available in a wide variety of types.

Unlike stock video, assets are much more versatile. The most common include Transitions, Lens Flares, Lower Thirds, and Accent Graphics. The great thing about these assets is they can be customized through built-in settings, or by using other effects on top of them.

There are stock assets available for almost all editing software like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, and DaVinci Resolve. They also come in three main types.

1. Project Templates

After Effects assets
Premiere Pro assets
Apple Motion assets

You can open and edit these in the same way as any other project file and are a real timesaver. Also, most of the templates have placeholders and named layers where you can add your own media or text.

2. Plugins


While the selection is bigger, plugins can be a bit more difficult as they need to be installed to the application folder. Once installed, the transition or effect will then be available in the control panel to use in all of your projects.

3. Video Clips

.MOV symbol

Most downloadable video assets will come in the form of a simple video file (usually an MP4 or MOV). These video files will have a transparent background which allows you to add them to your footage.

You can also add effects and keyframe them as you would with any other video file. As well as re-sizing and layering to create various effects.

Types of Video Assets

There are many different video asset categories and subcategories so we’ll just focus on a few of the main ones for the moment.

Text Assets

Text assets are a great way of improving your animation skills. Despite being called a Lower Thirds Pack, this set of animated titles can be used for much more. As a result, they are ideal for use in social media or promotional videos. Also, they could give your showreel some added flair. 👌

Accent Graphics

Accent Graphics are animated shapes and symbols that can really help create a fun, dynamic feel to your video. These types of animated elements are often used in logo indents and text animation.

These 51 Free Accent Motion Graphics from PremiumBat are a must-have for any editor. Just drop them on the timeline as a new track and you’re ready to go.

Animated Icons

Animated icons are another way of expanding your editing skills while drawing the eye to certain areas within a video. This could be anything from adding animated social media icons to arrows.

This free set of 15 animated icons from PremiumBeat includes a clock, speech bubble, download symbol, and shopping cart. As a result, the pack is perfect for YouTubers and other content creators.


Transitions are an excellent way to make your edit engaging and hold the viewer’s attention. Almost all editing platforms have built-in transitions but these can be pretty limited.

So, if you want to go beyond the presets then this motion graphics pack is what you need. It contains 13 fun and colorful transitions which are perfect for infographics or promos.

Light Based Assets

Light-based video assets include various overlays such as lens flares, Bokeh, and light leaks. When added to your video, they can create depth to your shot or change the feel of it entirely.

The Anamorphic Lens Flare pack includes 17 beautiful overlays that are sure to add elegance and atmosphere to your edit.

Texture Overlays

Finally, we come to texture video assets. Textures are a fun way of adding style to your video, but can also be used to reinforce the narrative. Use film grain in flashback scenes, or smoke to create an atmospheric feel.

The Free Film Grains pack from PremiumBeat gives you 5 overlays ready to drag and drop to your timeline. This starter pack also includes 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm based effects, allowing you to create a real filmic look.

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