How To Edit Corporate Films into Killer Social Media Content

How to edit corporate videos
How to edit corporate videos

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Want to learn how to edit corporate films to make them more engaging for social media? why do we ask?

Because video marketing is one of the most influential forms of marketing content out there. Furthermore, engaging multimedia content is the difference between little-known brands and highly popular ones.

As any video production agency will tell you, the best place to share video content for brand awareness is on social media.

That’s because posts featuring videos increase views by 48%.

But engaging social media posts shouldn’t feature just any film. They should be punchy, attention- grabbing, and include a call to action.

The trouble is, some types of film don’t lend themselves easily to punchy social media content. Corporate films, for example, aren’t always made for social media.

So how do you edit an otherwise boring corporate film into killer social media content?

Create a Catchy Title

corporate video title

A compelling title is one of the most important components of a social media video. As users scroll through their feeds, you want to grab their attention.

Give your video a title that’s relevant, but stands out.

If it’s a corporate event film, don’t just put the name and date of the event as the title.

VHS label

Additionally, depending on how well-known the corporate brand is, leave out their name in the title as well. If it’s for an established company that most people will recognize, you can rely on name familiarity.

Furthermore, the title should spark curiosity or answer a direct question. So instead of “XYZ Company Conference 2019”, ask a question related to the footage in your video.

Maybe you filmed some event guests or staff members for interviews. Incorporating something they’ve said into the title could be a good way to preview your video content.

While you want to spark curiosity with your video title, remember not to make it too click-baity.

Click-bait titles could annoy viewers. If they watch the video and it doesn’t deliver on what they expect it’ll frustrate them.

Consequently, they’ll see right through your desperate attempts for likes and shares and distance themselves from that brand.

Tell a Story

corporate film interview

Our next top tip is storytelling…

It’s easy for corporate films to fall flat when it comes to a story.

You could, for example, post a thirty-minute video of a keynote speaker at a conference, but you probably won’t have viewers!

So how do you tell an engaging story with a boring corporate film?

Firstly, get the right footage. Good stories focus on people and their experiences with a brand or product.

As a result, your film should feature people. If you’re at an event, do interviews off to the side.

For a film showcasing the company, spotlight some employees. Like this one from Rackspace.

Indeed, in a “behind-the-scenes” video like this, you can inform viewers about the company in a fun, light-hearted way.

When you feature real people, you humanize the corporate brand.

But why should you care about humanizing a brand?

Because people will empathize with emotive human stories. This empathy leads users to engage more with your content and even generate leads for the company.

Another storytelling technique for corporate films is using humor.

Check out this great example from HubSpot.

Even though it’s a corporate brand, the video doesn’t have to be so serious.

On social media especially, humour goes over well and makes your video more engaging and “shareable”.

Make the Intro Stand Out

So you made the perfect catchy title to grab viewers’ attention. And your film features engaging storytelling content.

You’re off to a great start, but there’s still more to do to avoid a boring corporate video.

Our next tip is to make a compelling intro.

Think about it – you scroll through your feed and spot a video with an interesting title. You then stop and let it play to see what it is. It starts and after about 10 seconds you still don’t know what it’s about or who it’s for.

You keep scrolling.

We’re sure you’ve had this experience before – it happens all the time.

Consequently, the first 10 seconds of your video are crucial for keeping viewers. Check out this awesome example from Apple.

The intro should connect the title with the rest of the content, previewing clearly what the video will be about.

After that, it should establish an immediate connection with the viewer:

  • Why should they keep watching?
  • What will they get out of it?

Editing a good video intro is difficult, much like writing the intro of an article or essay.

But it’s also essential for crafting social media content.

In addition, an especially hard challenge is making an engaging intro without sound.

On most social media platforms with auto-play, the video begins without the sound on.

As a result, you need a compelling visual-only intro.

Emphasize the Mission, Not the Product

Catchy title, a compelling story, and a stand-out intro.

You have some great elements of a corporate video here, but we still want to share our last tip with you.

When you produce your film, think about the company’s mission rather than its product.

As we already mentioned, people respond better to stories than to products.

Therefore, to keep your corporate film from being too boring for social media, focus on the brand’s mission:

  • What are their values and goals?
  • Why and how did they start as a company?

When you emphasize the brand’s story, it piques interest. When you emphasize the brand’s product, it feels more like an advert.

Check out this nice example from AirBnB.

Final Thoughts On How to Edit Corporate Films

When it comes to editing your corporate films for social media content, you have 3 important things to remember.

  • Firstly, give your video a captivating title that draws your viewers’ attention.
  • Secondly, craft a compelling narrative that viewers will empathize with. Then, once you have a killer title and engaging story, make your film’s intro stand out.
  • Finally, make your film showcase the company’s mission rather than its product.

Now that you know the secrets of turning a boring corporate video into killer social media content, get out there and get filming!

Rob Oliver
Rob Oliver
Rob is a director at CoolBox Films. A production company with over 20 years of experience in making moving pictures. From big-budget ads to shorts at film festivals. Follow them on Linkedin and Facebook.
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