How to find film crew

How To Find Reliable And Talented Film Crew

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Sourcing film crew for you project is sometimes difficult. Perhaps you are a director looking for collaboration or a producer hiring on short notice. Regardless of your budget, having a talented film crew will undoubtedly enhance your production’s overall quality. Your crew is after all the force that gets your film made. In this article, you will learn about how to find and hire a top film crew.

Paying Film Crew

Paying film crew

If you have a budget and can also afford to pay your crew, then hiring will be much easier. Generally, film crew will have their own daily working rates. More information on recommended rates for crew can be found in detail on BECTU’s website.

Firstly for budgeted productions, you can get in contact with local film councils or agencies. Production companies will also be able to help you crew up your film. In short, you get what you pay for nevertheless that doesn’t mean a no-budget film can’t have a talented crew.

Low-No Budget Filmmaking

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If your film is low-no budget consider what are your crew gaining from the job. In other words, why would they work for you for free? Significantly finding a good crew is about how you sell your project to them.

For instance, are you working on something particularly interesting? Such as are you working in a specific genre, with a well-known actor or with new equipment. For example, an experienced costume designer might work on a no-budget film if working within a new genre

Previously producer’s have been known to make weak promises (such as work for an IMBD credit). At the present time, little perks like this are not enough to attract a professional crew. Try not to promise false hopes and be clear on what you can offer crew. For example, a short film with a promising director might attract crew if they are free during the production dates

Additional Expenses

Even if you can’t afford to pay your film crew, you are after all expected to cover travel expenses. Catering is also common practice even on independent film sets. Therefore if you can’t afford to offer these you need to be clear when hiring.

Additionally, you will need to pay for production costs. Such as art design supplies and camera hire. With this in mind It is unlikely you will get access to expensive equipment for free. Summing up, be clear with your crew on what they are getting out of your project.

Finding Film Crew

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Previously producers had only networking events to meet their potential crew. Now with the internet finding film crew is much easier. Firstly many film job sites now have crew lists, such as our own crew finder. Secondly, Facebook groups and any social media can be used to find local crew. Having a crew that lives close to your filming location will also save you money. In addition try regional film councils, for example Bristol Film Office and Film Edinburgh.

Consider hiring past colleagues and putting a shout out online for film crew. Furthermore, a good tip is to keep in touch with anyone you work with on social media. Offline you can attend networking meetings. You can find these advertised on Facebook groups as well as cinemas and film festivals. Occasionally unions and arts councils put on film industry networking events.

Alternative Routes

Other than hiring online or networking there are a few other ways you could crew up your film. If you are a producer looking for a screenplay, you can find writers in numerous ways. Search script competitions, film councils crew facilities or sites such as the Blacklist.

Another way to find either writers or directors is by attending film festivals. Whilst there keep an eye out for projects similar to yours in the genre as well as budget. Ideally you want to hire key crew members who have worked on other films like your own. For example if you are shooting an action film find a DOP who has shot action before.

Hiring Film Crew

Hiring film crew can be carried out the same way as any other job hiring process. Ask people to send CV’s and also examples of their past work before meeting them in person. If possible make sure to meet key crew members such as the director and DOP before filming begins. Furthermore, the head of departments will also be able to hire their own assistants. For example, the DOP will likely hire all of their camera crew.

Wrapping Up – Finding Film Crew

In conclusion, hiring with a budget is ideal but that doesn’t mean a low-budget film can’t find experienced crew. Be honest with your crew about what you can offer them in return for their hard work. What’s more, once you find a good team they will continue working with you on future projects.

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