Extra Income As A Filmmaker

How To Make Money As A Filmmaker [5 Easy Ways]

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Are you low on funds? No problem, in this article we look at various different side jobs for filmmakers and how to make an extra income.

You should have more than one income stream as a filmmaker.

As we have seen recently, unexpected events can shake up the economy and damage the film industry. So, making extra income is undeniably beneficial.

Luckily, there are many side jobs for filmmakers that you can start up quickly from your own home office. Below you will find a breakdown of alternative ways filmmakers can use their skills to make extra income.

1. Videographer

freelance videographer filming

If you own a camera, this is perhaps the easiest way to make extra income as a filmmaker. Videography work falls under any self-shooting camera work that is not on film sets. Such as shooting weddings, events, corporates, and music videos. Search for video production jobs and advertise your services online.

Additionally, you can make extra income from selling stock footage.

2. Film Teacher

side jobs for filmmakers

You don’t need to teach at an institution (although this is always an option). These days you can tutor online or upload video tutorials straight to Skillshare, Undemy, or Teachable. You could even run your own locally based workshops. Some colleges and film schools will hire freelance speakers to give classes.

People will pay you to teach them new skills. And this could be anything from filmmaking for beginners, to lighting setup advice or screenwriting. Software skills such as photoshop and editing program classes are always in high demand. So, be creative and work out what skills you have that you could teach to others.

3. Freelance Writer

Freelance writer extra income

There are lots of side jobs for filmmakers who like to write. If you are a screenwriter, you can make extra income from script reading as well as providing script coverage. Then there is general freelance writing and copywriting work.

Furthermore, there are lots of odd jobs for writers online. This includes translating, transcribing, and managing social media. You will likely need to do some free work at first to create an online portfolio.

4. Freelance Creative

freelance creative job

You can basically make extra income by freelancing within any film-related job role while not working on film sets. For example, you can be a film editor, animator, or composer. This would mean working side jobs on a short-term basis.

Many filmmakers freelance their skills to other industries, in particular, working on commercials or by creating content for businesses. You can find this type of work on job sites or by contacting companies directly. Consider what skills you have and how they can be used to make an income outside of the film industry.

5. YouTuber

extra income YouTube influencer

One of the most desired side jobs for filmmakers is becoming a YouTuber. And this is no longer a pipe dream – it’s a very possible career option. Of course, it will take a few years to build up your audience. But you can use YouTube to practice filmmaking and later make a passive income.

YouTubers make income from video ads, promoted videos, and selling their own products. You will need to experiment to find the right formula to attract an audience to your channel. Not to mention you can make videos about anything – they don’t have to be about filmmaking.

You can start a YouTube channel for free, using whatever camera you have available to you (even a mobile phone). Alternatively, there are many budget blogging cameras out there that you can invest in.

6. Part-time Job

side jobs for filmmakers part time bartender

Lastly, it’s not glamorous, but the fastest way to make extra income is to have a part-time job. And this means a part-time position, not in the film industry. In reality, most filmmakers have other jobs, especially when they are first starting.

It’s not a failure to take on extra work if you need the money. Part-time, flexible income such as bar work and temp work can fit around film schedules. Print out copies of your CV and ask in person at local shops, restaurants, and offices.

And if a full-time film job or long-term project comes along, you can leave without guilt. 👍

Wrapping Up

We all want to make a living solely from our creative work. Although this is not always possible when working in film – so be safe and diversify your income. Also, check out our discount codes section for money off equipment, music, and software.

Will you be trying out any of these side jobs for filmmakers? Let us know in the comments section below.

Amy Clarke
Amy Clarke
Amy is a content writer at the Video Collective. She is a former script supervisor and writes about careers in the film industry. Follow her on Facebook.
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