Content Producer

  • Full Time
  • London, UK
  • 29/09/2022


Salary or Budget: Competitive
Experience required: 1+ years

Our mission is to reach new audiences, on new platforms with new digital content. You will work with the senior digital editor to create content for the ITV News website and digital platforms. This role is key in driving growth to ITV News via search and social media referrals. You will work closely with all digital teams and the wider newsroom to inform and produce high-quality, original news with an emphasis on visual content.

You will ensure ITV News’ digital operation is across the main news agenda of the day as well as driving on issues and stories away from mainstream news that will engage a digital audience. You will secure maximum impact for ITV News’ television material online – selling it as effectively as possible – and understand how to re-purpose television material for digital platforms in mind.

You will liaise closely with the news desks and key bureaus, editors and producers to ensure that our output reflects the best of our news gathering and analysis, commissioning content where appropriate.

You will be a key conduit with the ITV regional hub and ITV regional newsrooms, ensuring communication and tasks are synchronized to ensure high quality content is produced efficiently.

You will be the guardian of quality and tone, will publish blogs and take on web duties including running the desk alone at the beginning and end of the day. You will be the representative of ITV’s digital output in some of the newsroom’s editorial meetings as well as providing feedback to the entire company about how our digital operation has performed each day.

The successful candidate will have to pitch story ideas, write and present an original daily news list, help plan further ahead, write news stories and drive the digital operation working with the Senior Digital Editor.

You will understand the fundamentals of audience engagement and data analytics. You will help lead and manage the distribution strategy of ITV News content on social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Google, on a daily basis. You will be responsible for helping to grow our audience on these and other key strategic platforms.

This role will be crucial in helping to grow our audience and ensure our content reaches the widest audience possible.

This role will contain shift work, including weekends, and a hybrid of home and office working.


  • Ensure ITV News is across the top news stories on site and on social platforms and help set the digital news agenda
  • Supervise a team of multi-media producers to create video and text content, working under the direction of the senior digital editor
  • Identify video content opportunities for specific channels using both programme, live, archive and originally shot material – both for on-the-day and planned stories
  • Show distinctive judgement about digital storytelling, with confidence about what elements will resonate with an online audience and what will perform in individual mediums
  • Provide strong ideas for original and distinctive stories and trends that are in keeping with the values and remit of ITV News.
  • Pitch and commission stories which help reflect a diverse range of issues and communities across from across the UK and beyond
  • Provide imaginative treatments for complex stories and present complex ideas simply and in a compelling manner
  • Support best practice in terms of publishing according to a variety of factors – including but not limited to time, headline and thumbnail style
  • Implement quality control around all uploaded videos
  • Write punchy and original headlines for social media and the website, optimised for search where appropriate
  • Maintain the highest standards of spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Make engaging thumbnails and share cards for videos and written stories, and develop best practice for other producers
  • Produce video and write articles when required
  • Leading on audience engagement strategy using tools such as Chartbeat and Echobox.
  • Working with the wider news operation to help teach and develop others to create and curate digital content more effectively
  • Ensure stories and headlines are accurate and comply with the law and relevant regulations
  • Work in accordance with ITN guidelines on health and safety in the office and in the field
  • News desk experience and managing daily news
  • Know what types of content will resonate with the ITV audience—with an excellence in storytelling focused on short-form content

These are the main requirements of the role and is not an exhaustive list of duties. It is intended to reflect the nature, range, and context of the work, which will change over time.


  • Digitally savvy and ability to work to the highest editorial standards
  • Highest standards of accuracy and attention to detail around often complex and controversial material
  • Strong digital news judgement – with a knowledge of what will play well on social
  • Ability to innovate in formats on TV and digital media
  • Expert understanding and knowledge of social media, working across a wide variety of platforms
  • Excellent understanding of data mining, community relationship management and search engine optimisation
  • Experience of writing for and posting online content via a Content Management System
  • An understand of, and willingness to learn about, audience engagement strategies and tools
  • Understanding of key distribution platforms
  • Wide knowledge and experience of news and current affairs
  • High quality news judgement
  • Editorial creativity and imagination
  • Ability to work autonomously and under own initiative
  • Flair for expressing stories visually
  • Excellent writing ability
  • Technical adaptability and flexibility
  • Highly developed understanding of complex legal situations and understanding of ITN Legal
  • Compliance procedures
  • Understanding of ITV News agenda
  • Good interpersonal skills, team player with personal authority and the ability to manage a group of people
  • Calm under pressure with the ability to adapt and be flexible in task and role
  • Ability to work to a deadline
  • Play an authoritative role in team editorial meetings presenting ideas in a persuasive manner
  • Act with responsibility and common sense in the field and office, in compliance with ITN’s Health and Safety Policies

Our people are at the heart of everything we do at ITN. It’s vital that our workforce reflects the diversity of both our audience and the wider society in the UK, so we actively seek candidates from diverse backgrounds and communities. Reasonable adjustments to the recruitment process will be offered, if required, due to a disability or health condition. We also recognise the importance of a good work life balance, so we do everything we can to accommodate flexible working, including part-time and job shares for all our roles. Please just let us know in your application, or at any stage throughout the process, if this is something you want to explore.

We are continuing to review our future ways of working, and the return to our offices in the coming months will be gradual and considered, with the wellbeing of teams our primary focus.

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